Trio of actors cast in Walter Hill project

By Webmaster on July 10, 2011 / 1 min read

Variety have published an article detailing the casting of three actors in the forthcoming, as yet untitled, Walter Hill directed thriller, an adaptation of the graphic novel Bullet to the Head, created by Matz and Colin Wilson.

Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, Christian Slater and Holt McCallany have joined the cast of the Warner Bros. film in which Sylvester Stallone stars as a New Orleans hitman who teams with a New York cop to take down the killers of their respective partners.

ActorsAkinnuoye-Agbaje is set to play the main villain, a powerful attorney who’s trying to cover up his scam to exploit poor neighborhoods that have been ravaged by Hurricane Katrina. Slater will play a local handler who acts as a middleman, while McCallany will play a dirty cop who’s partners with Kang. We’ll have more news on this project as it develops but if you have thoughts on this news, then let us know in the comments!

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