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Trailer for Reach Me

By Webmaster on July 7, 2014 / 1 min read

With the news that Sly is attached to play real-life mob enforcer Gregory Scarpa in a new crime drama, it might be a surprise to some to hear that there is another exciting Stallone project on the way.

The first trailer for writer-director John Herzfeld’s Reach Me features a star-packed cast that includes Sylvester Stallone, Nelly, Kelsey Grammar, Kyra Sedgwick, Thomas Jane, Kevin Connolly, Tom Berenger and Danny Aiello in a drama that follows a group of characters whose paths cross thanks to a self-help book, written by a reclusive former football coach. The film arrives October 24, 2014.

Let us know your thoughts on the trailer in the comments.

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  • Elizabeth FaimanJuly 7, 2015

    Sylvester Stallone you are my all time favorite, and awesome, actor, writer,producer, and man. I prayed for your salvation years ago, and I am thankful GOD answered my prayers for you. I am also happy you have a Christian wife now. I have followed all your Rocky movies since the inception. I had a dream to be in a "ROCKY" movie, and by God's grace I was an extra in "BALBOA". Also, the last day of filming of the movie, after your lunch break, you took my left hand and kissed it as you were walking down the isle towards the ring; I was an extra in the film. That was the last movie I was ever an extra, but that is okay, because it was your last ROCKY film, and I was blessed enough to see you that entire day! It was one of the best days of my life! May GOD continue to bless you, your wonderful work. You are a magnificent man, and the world is a better place because you are here. You helped me to be an encouraging single mom of two, a boy and a girl from your ROCKY films. My favorite are I and II. My son and daughter were winners, graduated college, and my son was an all star student athlete. His name is Robby, and he told me one day " Mom, you are my Mic". Thank you Slyvester Stallone! You are naturally handsome, please do not have any more cosmetic work, GOD made you perfectly perfect. :)

  • ValikaSeptember 14, 2014

    Nem régóta tetszenek Stallone filmjei, mióta bemutatták a TV-ben a Feláldozhatók c. filmet Azóta majdnem minden filmje megvan. Szuper ez a férfi, és a filmjei. Valika

  • RoseSeptember 12, 2014

    I love all Sly's movies, he is a fantastic actor. Reach Me looks like an Awsome movie. I am a big fan, I just Love him. I also would love to meet him one day. May God Bless you Sly, keep up the good work, your wonderful.

  • Dylan HudsonAugust 31, 2014

    I love all your movies and man all the Expendables go hard but the Expendables 3 man that there go supa hard. You got almost all the top action stars in it and I love that you got Antonio Banderas on there acting crazy for a job. So what's next? Don't stop

  • Adam PostellAugust 23, 2014

    I'm a professional singer from ga. It's been on my bucket list to meet you. But an autograph would be awesome. Your Humble beginnigs and persistence in your career have really inspired me in mine to never give up . Thought EX 3 was great keep making movies sly .

  • jacquelineAugust 5, 2014

    John, it is your time. you desere it, I remember you as a teen ager.

  • Vasilios govJuly 29, 2014

    I thing it is time Sly to start efforts for another Oscar.

  • bill jonakinJuly 20, 2014

    I think it is going to b a KICK-ASS MOVIE that I cant wait till it come out in OCT.My birthday is 10-21-46.I will make it a present to myself.Thanks,WILD BILL

  • rafaelJuly 16, 2014

    me encanta ver a stallone haciendo de asesino nuevamente en SCARPA , saludos desde España , Málaga la tierra de ANTONIO BANDERAS

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