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The first Rocky poster

By Webmaster on January 21, 2018 / 1 min read

In a recent Instagram post, Stallone shared an image of the first poster ever made to promote the film Rocky.

The hand drawn image by the American graphic designer and artist Tom Jung is the only one known to exist. One of the most interesting aspects of this piece is the characters selected for inclusion, and those that are missing. Check out this great piece of Rocky history.

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  • Wayne SmithJune 12, 2018

    BEAUTIFUL, REALLY REALLY BEAUTIFUL !. This is why movies are a part of my life, because of atrwork like this. I would love for the artist to give the rights to reproduce poster prints. I would buy one. I think money would be made here amongst us movie buffs as well as Rocky fans around the world. PLEASE RELEASE THIS, PLEASE !