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The Expendables Blu-ray Competition

By Webmaster on December 2, 2010 / 1 min read

With the arrival of blockbuster action extravaganza The Expendables on Blu-ray and DVD, we are pleased to announce that Sly has sent over some copies of the movie that some of you lucky fans can win here at the official site.

These are the new three disc Blu-ray combo packs including the DVD and digital download versions. It’s a terrific Xmas present for Stallone fans! Please note that since this product is intended for North America, it includes a ‘Region A’ Blu-ray disc and a ‘Region 1’ encoded DVD. All you have to do to enter is leave a message in the comments, and we’ll pick winners at random during December. Why not tell us what you thought of the movie? What was your favourite scene? What would you would be called if you were an Expendable? It’s up to you!

If you can’t wait for the competition to end, you can order now for just $19.99.

The Expendables on Blu-rayHow to enter

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment below, and we’ll pick winners at random during December. We’ll contact the lucky winners by email. Our decisions are final and there are no other prize alternatives.

So, tell us what you thought of the movie? What was your favourite scene? What would you would be called if you were an Expendable? Let’s hear from you!

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  • james hallettAugust 16, 2012

    i would like to be jean claude van dame because we got the same birth date cheers jh

  • AlpineprgJanuary 9, 2011

    What I found amazing about the movie is that every action star had their own part. But it was the troubled Gunner and the empathy that Barney had toward his teamate that keeps me going. There is obviously a great story between those two because even when Barney shot him he didn't leave his side until the "end". But at the end of the movie Gunner came back. Amazingly done movie. Sly you have done an outstanding job with you're past three movies. I hope you decide to do Hunter. The story sounded very interesting and if anyone can make a movie manly it would be you. Being in the military I find it funny that I am expendable. But in your movie I would be code named wheelz. Weapon of choice is my uparmored suburban, M4 with suppressor, and Glock.

  • Mansi DidoDecember 29, 2010

    Thank you for this movie, Sly! I was getting worried that 'manly' films were a thing of the past! It seems that most of today's so-called young male 'stars' spend more time in front of a mirror than their female counterparts. This film is an affirmation of what it truly means to be A MAN.Thank you!

  • Jeff FarnhamDecember 28, 2010

    I loved The Expendables! My favorite scene was with Sly, Bruce and Arnold - too many great one liners in that scene alone. The movie was truly old school action and that's what I liked about it. I saw it twice on opening day and have seen it several times since then. I can't wait for Expendables II!

  • said mohammedDecember 28, 2010

    wooooooooooow i love the film so much slv is the best my favorite scene was the one with stahm Fights the soldiers and slv shoot the soldier behind stahm and stahm screaming u going kill me and slv said u r welcome magnificence if i will be Expendable i be named by magic man

  • Justin MillerDecember 25, 2010

    3 parts of the movie that speak for all men. "He's hanging a pirate. Ridiculous, What are you doing gunner. hanging a pirate" "Sound of that badass black truck" "Sound of the AA12" /done

  • JoeDecember 20, 2010

    My favorite seen is Lee Christmas whooping those basketball players' asses and threatening to deflate the guys nuts for hitting his woman.EXPENDABLES,Babeeeeh yeah!

  • carolina castracaniDecember 18, 2010

    silvester stallone es lo mas grande!!!!yo lo quiero y admiro muchisimo...y mi sueño es que viaje a mi pais(argentina) y venga a mi casa -en la provincia de san gustaria verlo en persona-no me canso de ver sus peliculas lo hago una y otra vez .aunque las pasen encanta como es.y su temple-ojala que reciba este mail. y me responda se que el es muy sencillo-un abrazo

  • MarcoDecember 18, 2010

    Sylvester Stallone is the best actor of the world! I'm Italian and i don't speak english very well but i'd like to receive the dvd of the Expendables! I hope sylvester stallone will do a new action film!

  • Walter Dario VisgarraDecember 17, 2010

    Soy de Argentina,fanatico desde que era un adolecente tengo 42 años, todas sus peliculas son extremadamente buenas,en the expendables puedo decir que las escenas que mas me gustaron son donde hay muchos riesgos, peleas a manos limpias y donde derrochan cartuchos de de balas por doquier, solo un grande como Sly puede reunir a tan grandes moustruos del cine de accion, despues de mucho tiempo volvi a ver Lundgreen de nuevo junto a Sly. si hiciera una pelicula seria como los personajes de Sly, es un genio y esta pelicula supero todas mis espectativas, es un grande, un genio, no tengo palabras para describirlo, es mi idolo desde siempre, y espero seguir recibiendo, mas de su talento con esta demostro que "LOS GRANDES DE LOS 80'" ESTAN DE REGRESO Y QUE TODABIA DAN PELEA...

  • MattDecember 16, 2010

    I would like to win this movie however i have not seen it ! What is the point to send some copies of the movie to someone who already saw it. I would like to see Sly, Rourke, Willis and other "bad" guys pleyd together. "God must loves crazy people because he made soo many of them"

  • sima1980December 16, 2010

    i love your movies I also like your personality All of us here in Egypt we like you and your Movies

  • muhammed ali jamalDecember 15, 2010

    i love the whole movie....since was starting till the end....alll scene are my iz a v.good director hee done a very cool work...and all the actors give their best shot..i see this movie in urdu language in pakistan...soo write my iz rock & god bless the whole team of expendables...

  • Kevin MillingtonDecember 15, 2010

    I saw the movie on a day off early in the day. I had the whole theatre to myself and it had just came out (dont worry, it was a bad time for movies, it was a fluke). The credits rolled and I actualy did that thing where you watch the credits in silence for a minute or so (a behavior usually reserved for epic dramas). My silence was broken by me saying to myself in a empty theatre..'that..was..awesome" It had everything I hoped for (you hope for the best with movies like this). It actually exeeded my hopes. I knew that critics wouldnt be able to give it a good rating based on how they evaluate things, but I loved it. I liked the filming. The colors used during the exotic locations really made me feel like I was there and feel the heat of the locale. I actually got into the plot, which people would say you wouldnt right? I actually cared about Barney and his crew (made me feel better about not ageing so gracefully into full adulthood..having just turned 30). And the girl was hot and interesting and firey passionate, which was cool. I cared about her and her father the fallen would be hero. the 'your the person I should have been' line was very touching. Mickey's monologue was touching and reminded me of certain things I care about, which was cool. I also like how there seemed to be alot of (what seemed like) salutes to Sly movies that only a fan would conciously recognize (certain shots..Sly looking through a small peephole with the interior light shining on his determined/slightly fearfull eyes, the mimicing of the out of ammo shot from first blood when he was in the cave when the expendables were cornered about to blow up the building..the mimicing of the girl talking to Barney, walking up to him right after he said "you should just go", again very close in tone to the scene in the new Rambo (deleted scene) where the girl walks up to convince him to take them on the Christian mission. ..anyway the fight scenes met huge expectations. Thank you Sly for showing me that age is in fact just a number and, we can all look forward to having a good punch and a crazy flying arm bar move if we stay in shape (Ill give it a try anyways).. so yeah, it was great. I watched it two more times with other friends. I really want the blue ray version for the extra bonus I hope I win :) thanks again for a great movie. from Kevin

  • THOMASDecember 15, 2010


  • John F. Laury IIIDecember 14, 2010

    The best action movie to ever come along in maybe 10 years, PERIOD!!! All the scenes were epic. I never had any doubt this movie would deliver with a kick ass DEFEAT!!! I knew it would be good but damn not that good! The best!! I saw this movie twice at the theatre's with first my sister who enjoyed it, then my father second who loved it. I grew up on Rocky and Rambo movies and I always loved Stallone's written works of art so I knew this movie would certainly back up the hype 100%. I give Mr. Stallone all the respect and credit in the world for writing, directing, and starring in all of his best hit action films including this one. I enjoyed all of the Expendables in many different ways but my favorite Expendable was Hale Caesar, my main man with his automatic weapon blasting away and making red sauce and jell-o. Hale Caesar, Damn sure a force to be reckoned with. "Remember this shit at Christmas!!!" Out of all the action, the drama monologue with Tool was my number one favorite scene in the whole movie. His conviction and delivery about the story he lost his soul in Bosnia was absolutely incredible. I really loved the way Mickey had the emotions written on his face and how he played that part with such down-on-himself emotion with Barney serving as an aparition and struggling to make that same choice to save his human soul. Its hard for any human being to live without his/her soul and Mr. Tool layed it out there the best way brotha'. I enjoyed that scene immensely. Sometimes I watch that scene over as many times in a two hour period without knowing the time or even caring. I commend Mr. Stallone and the rest of ALL the cast and crew for a job superbly done. Thank You men and women for your commitment to making this film. A true tribute to the action movie genre and stars from the 80's and 90's. Lets have bigger success on The Expendable 2. Hell Yeah!!!

  • Andrew HallDecember 11, 2010

    Why not tell us what you thought of the movie? I thought the movie was great, but even better my wife thought the movie was great, we saw it in theaters then again on DVD when it came out. What was your favourite scene? Favorite scene was when Hale Caesar (great f**in name btw) is walking through the catacombs of the castle blastin away with his automatic shotgun, that was epic. Second favorite scene was Randy Coutour talking about his ear, friggin hysterical. What would you would be called if you were an Expendable? If I was an expendables I'd be called Cus (short for custom choppa). Keep the movies comin Stallone, you still got it.

  • Henry FongDecember 11, 2010

    Loved the movie. Now that's what we miss these days with action. Seeing the actors do their own stunts gives this a movie a AAAAA+++++ for me. It had guts. Can't wait for the next one & which surprise guest ala Arnie is gonna be cool.

  • Av BainsDecember 10, 2010

    In the movie Rambo II, GIRL: Rambo, what does expendible mean? RAMBO: When you're invited to a party and you don't show up, it doesn't really matter. The expendibles was great. Would have liked to see more of Sly showing off his bod. and maybe more of a storyline. Favorite scene was Sly in tatoo shop with Mikey Rourke bawling his eyes out. If Stallone's people are reading this, please make another movie. It doesn't have to be a sequel, just some ass kicking is required. And also, Sly, please write another book. PLEASE.

  • Gabriela SilvanaDecember 10, 2010

    Soy Argentina y fanática de Sly desde que tengo memoria a los ocho años mi hermano me llevo a ver Rocky, era única función el cine estaba que ardía entramos en el tercer turno luego de hacer largas colas, Sly tiene eso de hacerte poner la piel de gallina, solo un genio como el puede reunir a GIGANTES del genero de acción, esta película demuestra que el cine de los 80' esta de regreso y que esos grandes actores todavía dan pelea, nunca pensé que Ludgren y Sly volverían a reunirse después de tanto tiempo, pero el lo hizo posible. Esta película es extremadamente buena,te llena de adrenalina, te da ganas de verla una y otra vez, nunca en la historia del cine se pudo ver a tantos actores geniales juntos, una película para sacarse el sombrero y aplaudirla de pie, dedicado a todos aquellos que creían, que los 80' ya estaban muertos, aquí les va una con "LOS GIGANTES DEL CINE DE ACCIÓN" para derrochar adrenalina

  • AlissaDecember 10, 2010

    1) The movie was great! the story was perfect, the camera angels were thoughtfull. I enjoyed it the whole time. I thought it would be a kind of a man movie with lost of womans. But luckly it wasn't! That makes sure that it was taken sirious. I likes it so much! and I am a woman. Before I forget: the guys looked great! I think that it's clear to say Sly know how to make a good film again! 2) My favorite scene was when Lundgren fights with Lee!! Just perfect! And I really thought that Sly killed Gunnar!! but in the end he was (thank god) still alive. Can't wait to see him in part 2!!!! 3) My Expendable name: Mercy Sled!!! Yeah! Good luck on part 2!!! Love

  • Marco SenestrariDecember 10, 2010

    1) great movie! pure action with a good dose of humor! 2) My favorite scene is when Stallone clings to the sea plane about to take off! 3) I'm not crazy like them, but if I were an expendable I like Jet Li, quiet until you really angry! However my favorite is always the legendary and extraordinary Sylvester Stallone! Hello Marco

  • WebmasterDecember 10, 2010

    Thanks to all who entered. We have now notified all of the lucky winners and mailed out their Blu-ray prizes. Thanks!

  • Shawn B.December 9, 2010

    When I first heard of the idea, cast and title for "The Expendables" I was very excited. The explanation of what "expendable" meant in Rambo First Blood pt II has always hit home for me. It was a great insight into who he really was and the effects that society has had on him. I have felt that way many times in my own life and I was really able to relate to it. It's a scene that only a true Stallone fans’ mind would have referenced after seeing the title for the first time and it instantly bonded me to it. A title that throws back that to Rambo II after all these years felt like something he did strictly for the super fans and it was really cool. Beyond that, the thought of having Stallone and Lundgren back on the same screen together was amazing. I made sure that I went to see it on opening weekend and it didn’t disappoint. Especially when I realized that gunner would be back for the sequel, great surprise! As incredible as the action scenes were, I'd have to say that my favorite scene was the turning point in the movie when Barney stops by to chat with Tool and it becomes clear to him that he had to go back and why, it gave the mission a real purpose. It was textbook Stallone get your heart in it stuff (beach scene in Rocky III, stairs scene in Rocky IV, street scene in Rocky V, etc). If I was an expendable, my name would have to be “Big Tech”. Because I’m built like a wrestler and I’m an I.T. Specialist. After all, the team would need someone that could handle their technology for them and kick some ass TOO!

  • Richard StreetDecember 9, 2010

    Been looking forward to this disc since seeing the premiere in London.............bring on part 2

  • Anatoly SDecember 9, 2010

    Fantastic work Stallone! There was no way I could miss this flick, been waiting for it since it was first announced! Who could deny such an incredible decision to create a film collaboration with the greatest names in action movie history? The delay in release caused even more anticipation on my end. After finally watching it on opening weekend, I was in true action film heaven. This movie stayed true to the gritty action which was expected from such a legendary team of actors. My favorite scene was 0:00-103:00. More specifically, I loved the scene where Stallone and Statham turn their plane around and Statham gets out and shoots a flare to ignite an entire pier. So exciting ! Even until the end I loved seeing all of the funny and exciting twists and inclusions of all the characters. This movie had me excited all the way until the very end. Can't wait to pick up a copy ! Thank you Stallone, for giving hope to true testosterone-fueled action movies. I was starting to lose confidence with all of these Twilight/Harry Potter-esque garbage that has been taking over theatres. I hope to see more in the future ! Keep them coming!

  • JustinDecember 8, 2010

    There needs to be more movies like this. Thanks Sly!

  • Luis Eugenio ÁlvarezDecember 8, 2010

    Sly es Dios,es el más grande,nadie transmite tanto en pantalla como él.Aquí en España se le suele ningunear por parte de los periodistas al igual que hacían con Clint Eastwood hasta que ganó el Oscar por "Sin Perdón",ya que a partir de entonces las películas que descalificaban 24 horas antes las definían como obras maestras 24 horas después (tengo los recortes).Pero que vas a esperar de gente que se mueven al dictado de sus amos,con una ideología que afortunadamente sufrió un cataclismo con la caída del Muro de Berlín.Lo que ocurre es que todos esos perdedores identifican a Sly con lo que ellos odian y no pueden soportar que a millones de personas en todo el planeta nos encante.No soportan que no hagamos caso a sus opiniones y que defendamos a muerte a Sly.Lo malo es que influyen en una masa de personas aborregada que no piensa por si misma y a los que les da vergüenza reconocer que les gustan determinados actores y en cambio se jactan de adorar a otros de los que no han visto ninguna película para quedar bien delante de la gente.Pero bueno de lo que aquí se trata es de felicitarte por toda tu carrera,por habernos emocionado a tantas y tantas generaciones de espectadores para darte ánimos para que siguas muchos años más y para agradecerte todo lo que has hecho.Un gran abrazo desde Madrid (España).

  • andre elfrinkDecember 8, 2010

    Stallone is a God, he knows where he come from, like there was an egyptian time an indian time yes he knows his whole past! So talking about the expendables, he alreaddy knew this wenn he was making Rambo 2, he was talking about himself and all the real stars the real God's, he was expendable,explaining to Co Bao wenn you are invited to a party, and you don't show up, it really doessend matter, BUT IT DOES MATTER WENN YOU KNOW WHERE YOU ARE COMMING FROM, Andre*

  • Georgios PatsosDecember 8, 2010

    "Expandables" was great entertainment for me. I am sorry for Sly's injouries during the filming. But without pain no gain. The best scene for me, when he says "good bey" to the girl, and he gets into to Cockpit an his partner looks strange at him. LOL. Nice new homepage. I like the simple look. Far better then the old one. Keep up filmmaking Sly, can't wait for your next projects. Greetings George Patsos

  • Armando BailonDecember 7, 2010

    I've grew up watching Sly movies. My dad bought them and would share that he would see the filmings of Rambo in Acapulco. My favorite part is when Arnold enters. I guess everyone was waiting for him to appear in a movie again. Love this line.. "What's wrong with him?" "He wants to be President" I would like to be named Sneaky cause I would be sneaky! Lol

  • Dominic ArchambaultDecember 7, 2010

    I've been a fan of Sly since my early childhood (I'm 37), and ever since Rocky, I've been hooked. Last week I got the Expendables DVD, and have already seen it 3 times. It's a great action movie, has a great cast, and some of the more humorous moments in my book are classic. I hope I get to win this package, as my better half is getting me a BluRay player for Xmas! I really hope Sly does a sequel to this one, it was a heck of a fun ride. I rate it up there with Rocky and Rambo. By the way, I love Oscar, showed great thought for Sly to take the comedy road, when all the extremely serious mafia movies were out there. All the best! Dominic

  • John ChuDecember 6, 2010

    I'm a 26 years old guy, loved Sly and all his movies since I first saw Rocky at 17, and tell all my friends in their 20s of how awesome Sylvester Stallone was and is. I loved the Expendables and it's amazing to see how Sly has made such a comeback with his career since Rocky Balboa. I brought all my friends. My favorite scene in the Expendables has to be the John McClane, Sly and Governator scene in the church- it was perfectly written. If was an Expendable, I would be called Yin Yang Jr. - Jet Li's kick ass kid. Keep up the awesome work, Sly, and I hope you continue to make movies for years to come.

  • ZaneDecember 6, 2010

    Being an action screenwriter and a Sly fan myself, I really enjoyed "The Expendables". It's a throwback to the great action films of the 80's and I hope a sequel's in the works. Speaking of which, if Sly's too busy, I can always make myself available to write it!

  • eduardoDecember 6, 2010

    hi sylvester yeess¡¡¡ rocky 7

  • Jason BishopDecember 6, 2010

    For myself its just total appreciation for Sly and the cast and crew. To pull this style of movie off in todays movie climate to garner this collection of "action stars" how can a fan such a myself not be greatful for such a fun and wonderful movie experience. This was Sly's vision all along and I salute him for giving us this picture under the brutal circumstances (schedule, Physical toll, giving all these justifiable stars "their moments", wearing so many hats writer, director, star (not that Sly is not used to that) really to be pushing himself like this at this stage not only in his life but career is such an inspiration. He is one of a kind and us "Sylvester Stallone fans" know that and thats why we keep coming back for more. To us he is so much more than an actor. His story on screen and off his life affirming beyond inspiring on so many different levels one would have a hard time putting into words. Its his drive to constantly prove himself that keeps us all coming back. Anyway back to the film and to answer some of the questions asked...Favorite scene from the "action" point of view has gotta be Sly running back to the plane on the pier and Jason just reeking havoc blowing up everything in site. From an emotional point of view Sly and Mickey's scene (I just love the idea of redemption) that bleeds through Sly's films. Also Jet li talking about his "family" and "small stature" with Sly in the car was very funny. So many great moments who could pick one. What would I be called if I was an expendable? Maybe something like Road Dog. A traveling man never in one place long enough to call it home.

  • Alberto MartinezDecember 6, 2010

    My favorite scene is when Sly and Jason get back in the plane and do some fireworks in the habor. What I like most about the movie is the respect for the genre and the brilliant acting ( and of course is great fun )

  • Jacques TanguayDecember 6, 2010

    SLY shows he's still one of the best in the action field. So talented and focused; he Is my biggest inspiration for determination and focus. Thanks SLY , you're the best!!

  • j.r.December 4, 2010

    the movie was pretty good i thought. lots of action and stuff blowing up. my 3 fav scenes are: 1.Arnold: Well, I'm busy right now. So give this job to my friend here. He loves playing in the jungle, right? Sly:Right. Bruce: That's right. Arnold Hey, how about dinner? Sly: Yeah, when? Arnold: In a thousand years? Sly: Too soon. Bruce: What's his fucking problem? Sly: He wants to be president. great play references to previous movies the guys are known for and personal reference toward arnold. 2.terry crews: Great, they got a small army. What have we got? Four and a half men. jet li: Not so funny. that is jsut a riot! lol 3. Terry: What happened to you? Sly: I got my ass kicked. was great the way it came off in the middle of this huge knock down drag out and steve austin just beat the crap out of sly. usually it is sly doing the beating :) if i were an expendable i am not real sure of a good name to be called. have to think on that one. cant wait to get this movie to watch again from my netflix.

  • dave ErnstDecember 4, 2010

    Love the movie its about time there has been alot of bad movies lately.Favorite scene dolph and the little asian guy fighting.If I was an expendable I guess coffee because I fucken love coffee

  • Artful DodgerDecember 4, 2010

    I absolutely loved this film when I watched it yesterday at my local cinema. The film is action packed and quite possibly one of the greatest films I've seen this year. My favourite scene? The bit where Stallone stabs that bad guy in the neck and then twists the knife. Why? Because it's so gruesome and had me laughing like there's no tomorrow. I think I'd be called 'The Artful Dodger' if I was an expendable, I'd be quick, fast and come up with nutty, awesome ideas. Awesome film, if I get this I think I'm gonna watch it over a couple more times!

  • Jen KuppDecember 4, 2010

    Sly really shows his skills as a writer, director, and actor in this movie. Not only is the cast the greatest cast of all time but The Expendables brings you back to the all out 80's type action fest which would bring a smile to any action fanatic's face. Massive explosions, epic hand to hand combat scenes with a mix of all different types of fighting styles, great one liners and so much more make up to be the number one movie in the box office for two weeks in a row. I really love this movie. I have so much respect for Sly for being able to star in, write significant parts for 5 or 6 lead roles and direct this movie. He really is the true underdog that came from not much before Rocky and has just showed the world his incredible talent and become the phenomenal action icon he is today. All that said, Expendables was awesome Sly, can't wait for the next one!!!!!

  • Al GlasgowDecember 4, 2010

    I loved the movie....Sly is really on a roll at the moment and long may it continue. My favourite scene was the one with Sly and Mickey Rourke, when Ross decided to go back for the girl...reminded me of my favourite scene in Driven after Memo's crash and Sly and Burt Reynolds argue in the garage about letting the kid go Carl Henry "The old Joe Tanto had a few attributes you should of hung on to, wasn't so long ago you would of said there but by the grace of god it's not me....quietly taking your place at the end of the pack.... where is that guy??" Joe Tanto "Who Cares?" Carl Henry "I care....I miss him" Joe Tanto " What are you doing Carl?" Carl Henry " what ever it takes to win!" Joe Tanto "He's ready to come into his own, don't do this" Carl Henry "It's done" Joe Tanto "Then UN-do it" Carl Henry " Oh you suddenly care" Joe Tanto "DON'T KILL HIM OFF" Carl Henry "DON'T KILL HIM OFF?? I WATCHED YOU KILL YOURSELF!! AND YOU HAD EVERYTHING, AND YOU THREW IT ALL AWAY TILL YOU HAD NOTHING...NOTHING...AND I HAD TO SAT THERE AND WATCH IT...the slowest man in the fastest sport...I wake up every morning and my legs are on fire, and I know I have to get in this chair for the rest of the day...but if they gave me one more chance I'd do it all over again, I'd take it right to the edge, and I'd look over again....but that ain't gunna happen, so I hire men like who don't have the slightest notion about what REAL LOSS IS ALL ABOUT!! we are all damaged ....yes. I've got an don't. Do you??" Joe Tanto "I'm sorry" Joe Leaves A tear comes to Carl's eye, and he hangs his head If I were Expendable I'd be Slightly Mad...often called simply "Slightly" as in " Come on Slightly, get you head right"

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