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By Webmaster on January 25, 2012 / 1 min read

Fans of The Expendables may have noticed some updates recently to the official website for The Expendables 2 recently.

The Expendables 2Get over there to see the trailer, the photos and to read the story of the forthcoming action epic.

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  • RaulAugust 21, 2014

    Questo film e' EPICO...this film is's like my generation grew up to watch it, and now we've seen it all! Straordinario, dai! Un abbraccione dall'Italia! And now off to buy a ticket for Expendables 3!!

  • i love slyAugust 16, 2013

    i love to you dear sly .. i live in AZERBAIJAN .. THE AZERBAIJANIAN love to your`s film ddear mr.STALLONE you are a great actor..............

  • PitNovember 19, 2012

    Hey Sylvester you are super movie actor.Have you thought about employment in their works with MR T. I think it's a great idea. Greagreetings from Polish.

  • Monica LittleghostOctober 10, 2012

    In my opinion it's the best action movie i ever saw and it made me forget what was going on in my life for 2 hours and I thank you I'm just a Native American Girl from North Dakota

  • Franca ManzanilloSeptember 12, 2012

    Hello Sly, As a young girl with two older brothers who made me watch Rambo and Rocky etc... I can say I grew up getting to know you and all your movies. Your movies have always been exciting and entertaining and my entire family knows SLY has always been my favourite actor. I even made it to the front row at West Edmonton Mall when they opened Planet Hollywood years ago in the hopes that you were going to be there but it was such a disappointment when no actor showed and an even bigger disappointment when it closed down but at least I will always have the picture of me with you in a cryogenic state at the Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas (I made my husband take a few). Even in this new generation with younger and inspiring actors, I can honestly say @40 you're still the one! I just recently saw The Expendables 2 and OMG, I cannot pick which one I enjoyed more 1 or 2 because they were both outstanding, thrilling, entertaining, witty at the perfect time (anyone under 30 may not get the wit) and absolutely all around WOW! Nothing beats it! I read somewhere that a woman from Nepal was upset about you naming a city in Nepal and portrayed it negatively and wanted an apology from you; she needs to simmer, it is just a movie. Ex1 and Ex2 I will watch again and again. Thank you. Aside from great acting with your action packed movies, you truly are a classy being not looking for media attention. That is what makes you YOU. My heart goes out to you and your family for your two recent losses. I am a daughter, sister, wife and mother with Italian Catholic values and Family is the foundation of life. I cannot imagine what it is like to lose a child, but I know that the memories are forever. May God be with you and your family always. With admiration and kindest regards, Franca / Edmonton Alberta Canada

  • MurkoSeptember 12, 2012

    One more thing:) Mr. Stallone YOU ARE LEGEND! Ass kicking legend. Only one thing that was missing in expendables 1 was Chuck Norris. And joke about him. And you Mr. Stallone made that right: ) Best regards from Slovakia.

  • MurkoSeptember 12, 2012

    Only one thing was missing... Chuck Norris's roundhouse kick: ) Nothing else to say. Great action with perfect dialogs. Brilliant movie. WELL DONE. I am amazed!!! and all my friends as well. I was on this movie 3 times in cinema with my friends. And still we want more:) I hope, that they will be back:P This is masterpiece. Everyone, who saw this movie, definitely loves it!

  • frank shawSeptember 10, 2012

    Expendables 2 is a great action. I thought the story line was great.the action was fanastic.aronald played a big part in this movie his one linners were something else.jason straham is one of fastist rising stars of action movies.THE cast you assembled for both movies is nothing short unbelivable.Also at this time iwish to offer you and family my condolences on the passing away of your son sage.I wanted to give your family time together to together at this time. Its never easy when you deal with a passing away of a family member.

  • OwcingAugust 31, 2012

    Great great great!! Good action n great laugh! Like it have been said classic is the best!!! Love all my generation heroes!! Cant wait for part III xxxxxxx

  • abubakar hayatuAugust 26, 2012

    Nyc movie sly!.expandable is getting bigger by d day..wl loved 2 see addition name in,female action heroes ds tym.lyk cyntia rothrock,lucy lou,michelle yeoh..Angelina jolie.etc..cos,dey r as gud as u macho guys..ds wl boost Expandables 3 market!..wishn u d best of luck!

  • Rakesh ThapaAugust 23, 2012

    but the name shown in the first part of movie.. i.e , distretto sindupalchowk Nepal is completely wrong. Nepal is a beautiful country and had no violence like this. i am from Nepal and i faced no any things like this in my nepal. this is wrong. no one can use other country's name to make their movie popular leaving behind the particular country's image down.

  • Rakesh ThapaAugust 23, 2012

    dear mr. stallone , since i've been your fan from ages, i ve watched almost all of your movies and liked them as well. but this time in expendable 2 , you have used a place name belonging to nepal..i.e distretto di sindupalchok, nepal which is completely wrong.the place you have shown and mentioned in the first part of movie is completely wrong. i am a nepalese citizen and my country has no violence like you've shown in your movie.i dont know what you want to prove about nepal..but those images and violence shown in your movie are disturbing. wether you have permission to mention the name in your movie i dont know..but Nepal is not like that..and have no violence like this. i am gonna write about it in different social networking sites until and unless you apologise for your creation. this is hurting me a lot..that you showed nepal in a unacceptable way. i heartily request you to remove or apolozize on your project. otherwise i will raise my voice over it and write it to the different social networking sites. i hope you will take it seriously and move on. Thanking you Rakesh Thapa Nepali citizen currently in london

  • BohdanAugust 23, 2012

    Great movie Sly! God Bless!

  • SaidAugust 20, 2012

    I was à KID and i watch my first time rambo, i say to my self, that was THE best movie ever . Wen i play a shooter game and i use a m60 I always think that I'm you . I am a die hard fan from belgium sly :) . ps sorry for my bad english

  • HAN SUAugust 19, 2012

    I just saw EX2 and it's fucing awesome! and if there is expendales movie in ZOMBIE world that would be the greatest awesome badass movie ever!!!! think about it!! action all-stars kicking zombies' ass!!

  • alan rumbioloJuly 28, 2012

    stallone i have been a fan for years. i remember watching rocky 4 at the movies when i was a little kid. i have and always will watch every movie you release at the movies. the expendables was a fantastic and full of action movie i have ever seen and can not wait to see part two. only you could of done this. thankyou

  • Daniel McGrewJuly 23, 2012

    To All Megastars, It is no small task to assemble a cast of megastars for any movie. What I would like to know is, why is it no one makes a movie like THE LONGEST DAY or A BRIDGE TOO FAR? It does not have to be a war movie, although the Battle of the Bulge would be a project that could use a fact based redux. The point being, a movie about an event that is very large and happens in a short period NEEDS megastars so veryone can keep track of who is who, where as all of the megastars became megastars making action movies solo. More action stars in a movie equals less action per star and you end up with wall to wall action and no substance, in my humble opinion.

  • juan bernart,jr.July 23, 2012

    I was wondering what about a new rambo movie but this time him as a trainer for the army special forces and he involved in iraq or afghanistan war trying to rescue one of his soldiers in today's army or maybe as a security contractor there! It'll be great for us iraq and afghanistan veterans. Just a thought!

  • juan bernart,jr.July 15, 2012

    This one to let you know mr.stallone im a fan,since first blood i have fallow your military movies although all your are great the military ones are special to me since i'm a us army veteran god bless you sir hope you keep your shine as the star you are and keep going.stand strong in the face of adversity!!!GOD be with you...

  • Terry KillmanMay 3, 2012

    Everyone on here already said it all! You are the best Mr. Stallone. I look forward to many more future productions of your's and I just want to say, from the bottom of my heart while bowing with my arms raised in an "I'm not worthy" gesture, THANK YOU SIR!............THANK YOU!

  • salih avcuApril 20, 2012

    hi sly! I watched all your movies, I love you too

  • Jonathan MendozaApril 19, 2012

    Am your fan number 1!!!!!! long live Sylester Stallone!

  • افشین کامیاب فردApril 15, 2012

    سلام آقای سیلوستر استالونه شما واقعا تو ایران محبوب هستید

  • afshin kamyab fardApril 15, 2012

    I love you sylvester stallone I am from iran , all of the persians people love you

  • B3t0April 12, 2012

    Yo! youre the best. Is there going to be a Rocky VII for real?

  • LightsnackMarch 30, 2012

    Can't wait to see the Expendables 2. If its half as good as the first one, it will still be excellent. Best wishes from all in Norwich, Norfolk, Uk

  • PapuhatiboruahMarch 26, 2012

    I am papu from Assam expendables is the great movie

  • Joachim DauerMarch 24, 2012

    Dear Mr. Stallone, I'm from the bavarian congo :-), and i can't write good english. But i can write one... THANK YOU... ...For give me hope. ...for give me strongnes to going strait to my dreams. ...for give me Power in my bad times. ...for give me good Training Times, with your Film music, and your mind and filmpower. I wish you health, Power, luck & Love for you & family I Hope One short Time in my Life i can See you in original. This is One of my Greatest Dreams & you learn me to go Straight in to there. THANK YOU FOR ALL. Best wishes & from my Heart all the Best for you. Greetings from East Bavaria to everything Place Quere are you now. Joachim Dauer

  • sebastianMarch 20, 2012

    So what´s about the rating? Norris and Stallone said that the movie will be PG-13 (Sly´s statement : "The PG13 rumor is true, but before your readers pass judgement, trust me when I say this film is LARGE in every way and delivers on every level."). Now you can find this one at "Just received word from Sly today… and I quote “After taking in all the odd rumors and hearsay, EXPENDABLES II is an R.” That’s right, SZoners. Sly says that Expendables II will be rated R." Now what´s the rumor and what´s true?!

  • Franco LanaMarch 19, 2012

    Thanks Sly, for the new action movies!! I am yuor fan and I appreciate the energy present in your films! Very much looking forward the Expendables 2 and Bullet to the head! Kind regards and big hug! Wishes for your life.

  • Slyfan4lifeMarch 18, 2012

    Im a huge sly fan. I enjoy all of his movies. I can't wait to see the expendables 2, I wonder if their going to be a expendables 3. I want it to be a trilogy film 3 whoo hoo

  • Francisco MoralesMarch 16, 2012

    I just can´t wait! I can´t wait! I´ll go to the premier with my girlfriend, this will be for me the Event of the year! God bless you Sly! please Folllow Christ! Greetings from México...

  • orly s. bequilloMarch 11, 2012


  • GunterMarch 9, 2012

    Dear Sly! You're not older only better. The last Rocky Movie, John Rambo, The Expendables... Can't wait for more! It is amazing how much more Character you give in and to the Movies now. The Acion in the past, now you are the Hero! So please, do it again. Greetings from Germany Gunter.

  • rahulMarch 8, 2012

    Best movies I grew up watching and i still watch rocky and rambo series when ever i get stressed. expendables is the best gft to sly's fans, cant wait to watch another extra ordinary movie. Thank you for comming up with expendables 2

  • JózsefMarch 8, 2012

    All of his films very good Mr. Sly, but Oscar's film the best one :]

  • danMarch 5, 2012

    OLD SCHOOL ACTION MOVIE ARE THE BEST!! Cant wait to see it. Thanks for all the incredible movies!!! Dan - Canada

  • Tobias EldestenMarch 4, 2012


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