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Stallone won’t direct The Expendables 2

By Webmaster on March 15, 2011 / 1 min read

Sylvester Stallone scored a massive box office coup last year with The Expendables ($275m+), the action movie that featured an all-hero ensemble cast including Stallone, Jet Li, Jason Statham, Dolph Lundgren and Steve Austin.

Stallone was the creative force behind the original: writing, directing and starring in the picture. But Sly isn’t planning on helming the sequel, which is currently in development. A script has already been produced by writing team Ken Kaufman and David Agosta and Stallone is currently meeting with potential directors for the film.

More news on The Expendables 2 as this project develops. Let us know your reaction to this news in the comments below.

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  • MattMay 4, 2011

    I'd also seriously consider John Woo to direct the Expendables 2. Watch Mission Impossible II and you will see some of the most audacious and beautiful action scenes ever filmed. His mastery of vibrant color, speeding up and slowing down motion, and providing emotional depth to the characters confrontations was peerless. Melding the action with Hans Zimmer's amazing score made MI:2 astonishing as well, if you could get Zimmer or someone like him as a soundtrack partner.

  • Ms_no-noMay 2, 2011

    I was looking at a cut out in the movie theatre of the new Fast and Furious movie that just came out, and I told my sister that the one thing that was missing from that movie is Sylvester Stallone. If his name is attached to an action movie, and he is in it, I will gladly spend the small fortune that it cost nowadays to go to the movies. If Sly is not writing or directing Expendables 2, is he at least going to be in it?

  • Greg MisoniMay 1, 2011

    I agree greatly agree with Kyle(April 30, 2011 at 8:19 am) BRING ON THE STALLONE/ARNOLD movie wars again. I saw all of thier movies on the Big screen and own most of them. My blood is pumping just thinking of those two guys possibly teaming for full featured movie together and not just cameos. NO PROBLEMO, THEY'LL BE BACK.

  • rodrigo alejandro perez anzuresApril 30, 2011

    bueno si entendio lo de arriba Ok! pero nadamas me gustaria decir que me muero por participar en una pelicula con usted (: aa y quien sabe porque aparecio asi (lo de arriba)

  • rodrigo alejandro perez anzuresApril 30, 2011

    sorry it wasn´t "rocka" it was ROCKY because i´m a enourmus fan of these films (:

  • rodrigo alejandro perez anzuresApril 30, 2011

    syvester!! i´m really fan of you and your films :) I would love to be in rocky but it's impossible because I have 14 years haha but I wish I could participate in any movie of yours if you'll do another (I heard a rumor of expendables 2) I would love to participate if only minimum hopefully you read your mexican fan: alejandro perez

  • KyleApril 30, 2011

    As always will look forward to any Stallone movie (good or bad) far as not directing the next Expendables....its kind of a bummer, but I'm sure Stallone will find a great replacement. I hope Stallone will bring back Stathem & Li for the sequel & much larger parts for Arnold & Bruce as well. Let's see if Stallone can get Arnold back in the swing of things as far as movies go. What a great comeback that would be for Arnold...the 2 probably most known & famous action legends teaming up for Arnold's come back to the big screen. What a media fest that would be. BRING IT ON SYLVESTER!!!!

  • CoolApril 29, 2011

    Please et Arnold Schwarzenegger too!

  • GeorgiaBoy61April 27, 2011

    Yes, "The Expendables" was great entertainment, but the final "Rambo" film set the standard for realistic military action. The flaw in both films, though, was common to seemingly everything coming out of Hollywood these days - the unwillingness to face the biggest enemy the west is fighting - Islamic jihad. We have real soldiers fighting and dying out on the battlefield, but our creative class is too cowed by CAIR to portray the enemy honestly on film. Mr. Stallone, please consider bucking the trend - we need some truth-telling on this issue. Liam Neeson's "Taken" was the sole recent film to deviate from this gutless pattern, and it was to that film's credit. OK, rant done with... bring on Expendables 2!

  • GeorgeApril 27, 2011

    I'm sure you will never read this Sly, but, The Expendables was the best action movie I have seen in along time! You went back to a old school kick ass action film style that you have always delivered. Thank you for not flooding it with CGI! Anyway,I've been a big fan of you for a long time, and can't wait for E2! All the best, and love, and health to you and your family.

  • TonyApril 25, 2011

    I'm so stoked for the expendables 2....."cant wait" lol

  • MattApril 25, 2011

    How about Renny Harlin? Cliffhanger has to be about your best action movie---next to Expendables #1. Harlin's vision had an epic grandeur and a broad canvas that was lushly cinamatic. The music and production values were first rate and he had a real versatility with vibrant color and light as well. I'd also really try hard to get Arnold and Van Damne on board. I bet you could even get Jack Nicholson or Daniel Day Lewis interested in a really epic and global expansion of the Expendables---you'd have to promise them, and be ready to deliver, involvment the greatest real action movie of all time. Think timeless and epic and your Expendables movies will live on, inspire, and entertain people forever.

  • ToddApril 21, 2011

    yes, a little disappointed but understand as well. also heard that Bruce Willis and Arnold will be making bigger roles in the next one. love everything you have done, you have been my fav. actor for ever and my god the last Rambo was excellent, 10 stars!!! go Stallone

  • Charles (sicilian surge)April 20, 2011

    Slyvester Stallone, Thank you for coming back into the movies, since Rocky Balboa was released in 2006, I've moved forward got in greatshape, and at 51 I look great..Keep moving forward strongly, your success fuels my desire to achieve the goals in my life!!! Thank You...I hope to have the opportunity to train with you someday.

  • AnsonApril 18, 2011

    Too bad if you not direct the movie.

  • SigurdApril 17, 2011

    I understand Sly decission. But I gotta say, all the movies he have directed, couple of Rocky movies, Rambo 5 and 6, and The Expendables if I'm not wrong, all of those are at my top 10 favourite movie list. I love your work Sly, Just lovin' it!

  • ryan clarkeApril 15, 2011

    how come sly isn't directing or writing the sqeul for expendables 2

  • zoeApril 14, 2011

    Well latest news say that he will finaly direct the movie!!!!

  • zoeApril 14, 2011

    He will direcy yhe movie!!!

  • Harald SchmitzApril 13, 2011

    A film with good cast, I will see soon. Too bad that was not shot in Paraguay.

  • vahid ghadiriApril 13, 2011

    hello i am iranian,i love very very you,i wish see you,i wish contact by phone buy i dont your number phone,i wsh travel in iran,i wish make film in iran,bosni va rowanda and iraq,gust gust only freedom

  • sagarApril 12, 2011

    give me a chance to cast u all actors.

  • sagarApril 12, 2011

    give me a chance to direct :)

  • EudaldApril 10, 2011

    He will finally direct the film! AWESOME!

  • goutamApril 8, 2011

    hey man....... pls i wanna see expendables 2... i love u

  • vince mancariApril 7, 2011

    Im very happy to see that a sequel for expendables 2 is coming!!!!!! Unfortunatley sly is not writing it(thats a bummer!). Stallone realy shines with his ability to write,direct,act. When slyvester stallone puts on all those hats; the story ,along with the characters defintitly become stellar. Im sure he will be giving a lot of insight on the set. Its good to have machoism back to the silver screen. Socity was forgeting the recipe, for the MANLY Heroes . STALLONE REMINDED US!!!!!!! P.s, I WILL BE AT THE THEATER PERMIER NIGHT!!!!!!!! P.SSSS. THANK YOU MR. Stallone for bringing back the real hero----YOURSELF. (THANK GOD for hope with the new genration of men)

  • salarisApril 7, 2011

    Hi sly, its time that you relax but mùy opinion its better you direct the movie because you now the story and you now what we"as fans" want from you . Big Action . Ciao from bernardo in belgium.

  • orhanApril 6, 2011

    Expendables was good BUT scenario was not enough for the names in film...We saw just more. I think this deathless team deserve more cool and iconic scenes...My idea, Stallone and Michael Mann partnership could be great!...Sly knows what his fans want, and Michael is the man in action scenes with an eye...realistic, elite and sophisticated!!...Imagine his style with Sly's mind!!!

  • GeopapApril 6, 2011

    Hey Sly... Take it easy man. You deserve it anyway..

  • Georgios PatsosApril 5, 2011

    i can understand Sly's decision. In the first part he look so so tired from the direction-stress. Hopefully there will be some great action heroes from the past past...but Sky pssstt...don't tell us. It would destroy the surprise!

  • Lisa PietschApril 5, 2011

    I'm happy to read news on the next Expendables movie but have to say I'm sad Stallone won't be writing or directing. Anybody can make an action film but if you want action & story, Sly is the man. Regardless of who makes the movie, if Stallone is in it, I'll be there!

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