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Stallone nominated for Golden Globe award

By Webmaster on December 10, 2015 / 1 min read

The nominations for the 73rd annual Golden Globe awards have been announced in Los Angeles and Sylvester Stallone has been nominated for his performance in Creed.

Sly joins Paul Dano (Love & Mercy), Idris Elba (Beasts of No Nation), Mark Rylance (Bridge of Spies) and Michael Shannon (99 Homes) in the category which will be decided when The Golden Globe awards takes place on 10 January 2016. Good luck, Sly and congratulations on your nomination!

For more on Creed, visit the official site.

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  • FelipeJuly 2, 2016

    Chama eu para os mercenários 4 please por favor

  • youcef benchoukMarch 8, 2016

    صورة تفوق على ما كنت تنتظره

  • Robin TempestilliJanuary 10, 2016

    Saw them all a million times. They're a KNOCKOUT Thank you from my heart for your heart. There is no tomorrow. You got it.

  • hec maldonadoJanuary 10, 2016

    yes u did it Rocky God bless

  • Angela eJanuary 10, 2016

    Congrats to you and your beautiful family

  • Christal RoweJanuary 10, 2016

    When I heard your name tonight I felt so proud! I got emotional because you an your work reminds me of being a kid and watching my dad try to get in shape every time a new Rocky show came out. Gray sweat suit and drinking raw eggs... I hope you realize that your character Rocky was a staple in many many lives. Thank you... not just for being a great actor but a person that we all would like to have at our dinner table someday. Love you and may God bless you and your family always! ~ Christal

  • JustinJanuary 10, 2016

    Congratulations Mr. Stallone on Your Golden Globe Award !!! You So Deserve It !! All The Best !! ROCKY ROCKY ROCKY !!

  • Matt RobinsonJanuary 10, 2016

    Yo Adrian, we did it! Congrats on your win Rocko!

  • Andrea RJanuary 10, 2016

    Good deserve to win..

  • Tommi ValkokariJanuary 9, 2016

    I just saw Creed at my local cinema and I have to say, there were teardrops falling down my face... If Stallone doesn´t win tomorrow night, I will be stunned... Beautiful performance.

  • Anthony DeSunoJanuary 8, 2016

    very well deserved... way to go Sly!

  • ShaneJanuary 6, 2016

    Totally deserved to my inspiration in life. What a man, hero father, the greatest. If there were shoes I could walk in it would be sylvester Stallones

  • patDecember 30, 2015

    Great performance. Loved the whole movie. Watching the movie Rocky right now. I'm a fan

  • Ian hjertaasDecember 28, 2015

    Nice Work.

  • BLANCA VILLALOBOSDecember 26, 2015

    Mr. Stallone you are a wonderful actor, and a great human being. I admire you so much. Thanks for giving us such amazing movies. Greetings from México!

  • DVADecember 25, 2015


  • SilviaDecember 21, 2015

    Very good! You are the best, Sly!

  • Nicola HawkinsDecember 19, 2015

    You so deserve to win x you are a fantastic actor, director, writer and a true legend x I have been your biggest fan for 30 years (and I'm only 40!!) X X

  • youcef benchoukDecember 19, 2015

    تفهم حاول التقرب هناك إحساس جديد والأحلام حاول تقبلها والعدالة تملأ عين عندما تشتري كلمات جريئة

  • Mario StrongDecember 17, 2015

    All the best Sly. Creed was fantastic! You are a true inspiration to millions throughout the World. I'm going to celebrate your nomination by running up the Rocky Steps.

  • JoaquinDecember 15, 2015

    You Deserve It. All those years acting, directing, writing. And the truth is that you are becoming a better actor with age. So is your moment.

  • Gail C SappDecember 14, 2015

    Best wishes and many blessings on your success!! I have been a huge, huge fan since the Lords of Flatbush! And when I had children was always excited to introduce them to the Rocky Franchise, which are my favorite, but I continue to enjoy and love all that you do!!

  • ToddDecember 12, 2015

    Best of luck on the Golden Globe nomination. I am old enough to have seen all of the films in the theaters when they were originally released. I have had the pleasure of being able to take my son to Rocky Balboa and now Creed to experience the Rocky saga excitement on the big screen. With the creation of Rocky, Sly Stallone has given us all an enduring character that will inspire and last for generations. Heres hoping you receive an Oscar nod as well!

  • MariaDecember 12, 2015

    Congratulations Sly!!!! You deserve the award. I believe you are a true artist in this industry, and no one compares to you. I hope you win because in my heart you deserve it.

  • PaoDecember 11, 2015

    I really wish you win the award! You absolutely deserve it for your hard and constant work, for your big heart, for your lovely personality, for being a nice person, just because you are a real artist! L<3ve U

  • AndreaRockyDecember 11, 2015

    Great news. Sly was magic, he MUST WIN the Golden Globe and then the Oscar!

  • Mike BeemsterboerDecember 10, 2015

    Awesome & touching performance! Sly deserves an OSCAR ! 39 years later & better than ever!

  • Tommi ValkokariDecember 10, 2015

    Amazing! I´m thrilled. After 40 years since the original, powerful and beautiful story, Stallone´s performance is back with a vengeance! I see Oscar coming...

  • Dimitri D'HaeseDecember 10, 2015

    So Happy for the man. Well deserved!!

  • Brian ThornhillDecember 10, 2015

    Nice 1 Sly hope you win!!

  • Jordan DDecember 10, 2015

    Very happy to hear this! I was having a big, annoying fight with the phone company when this news came through--cheered me right up, although I still had to finish dealing with the idiot on the phone! LOL Best of luck to Sly....this nomination is WELL-deserved!!

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