Stallone and family take time out

By Webmaster on August 2, 2013 / 1 min read

Sly enjoyed a day out in St Tropez with his wife Jennifer Flavin and three daughters recently.

The family were seen relishing the fine weather and riding aboard a luxury yacht.

Sly and familySly and familyWith Escape Plan due to hit screens in October and Grudge Match due on Christmas Day, there’ll be no rest waiting back home in Hollywood!

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  • rashmiJuly 7, 2014

    I think Sylvester Stallone is a great movie star.He will be a good President also. I Suggest he try to run for office. He can get two terms and I will definitely vote for him. Rashmi.

  • IshSeptember 10, 2013

    there is only 2 person i want to meet and shake hands before I die...Nelson Mandela and you.

  • CarolannMazalanSeptember 9, 2013

    9-9-2013 Monday. Hey, Stallone, this is,you called me up in 1987 and asking for Is Dale there? I couldn't find the right answer for that one. You can reply for me faster than you can make a movie. Love to see you in person! My phone number is 219-331-6196 and you have my email address. Respond soon! Our Father Skerl, was in your Rocky movie. Might get a part with you. I took law and everything. I'll be waiting. From, Carolann

  • sergioAugust 27, 2013

    Im from venice italy i meet mr stallone in Murano glass factory many years ago we go around for a day im sure he will like to see me if it wil be back in venice best sergio

  • VladimirAugust 22, 2013

    I am a trustee of a small young evangelical church in small city in Siberia (capital or small "state" of Russia. The name of the city is Kemerovo. Today it was my time to preach and I said that You are now our brother in Christ. Also I said that it would be great, if you would visit us and told how you became a Christian. I know your life has busy schedule, but bold enough to invite you to visit us, if God put it in your heart. See you brother, when I see you :-)

  • Andrew CookeAugust 21, 2013

    That's my dream, to be able to do the same thing with my wife and son. Thank you for the inspiration, Sly!

  • rosyAugust 13, 2013


  • JAVINNO PURICELLIAugust 6, 2013

    There are 3 Things in this World that Every Man Worth Anything Strives to Obtain & hold onto for as long as he can, before “THE END” of HIS LIFE is DONE. And those Three Key Elements are these, LOVE, RESPECT, & FAMILY... However in my opinion, The Most Powerful of the 3 is The Bond between A Man & His Family. Therefore Believe Me when I Tell You this, that The Real Structure of A Man’s Life, Effectively Depends on having a Strong Support System at home, before it can take place anywhere else in his life. Basically what I’m saying to you is this, without it, a man is essentially nothing and certain problems that will arise in his life, will easily overtake & devour him, if he’s not careful. So when things are done the right way, in Decency and in Order; gaining Love & Respect outwardly from others becomes more easier to grasp and hold onto longer, because certain Principles & Values were Re-enforced through the offspring from A Man & A Woman, who Married in Love, which in turn Creates THE FAMILY... So I’m very pleased to see Sylvester & Jennifer follow through with this very extremely important, Fundamental Building Block, of Life itself as it should be. And may their Marriage & Home Life Stay as Solid as a 18 carrot Rock... Now Sly this last statement is specifically for you, read it carefully... Dare l'esempio, il settimo e ultimo capitolo è mio...

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