Sly water

By Webmaster on January 20, 2006 / 1 min read

Sly pure glacial water comes directly from Mt. Rainier’s carbon glacier, a massive river of ice flowing off an active volcano, making it the only glacier in the world known to actually melt from the bottom up.

Protected at its source within Mt. Rainier National Park, this unique geological phenomenon provides pure melted glacial ice that froze over 10,000 years ago, completely free of pollutants.

There is no chemical purification, no distillation, no ionization, and no reverse osmosis needed, just pure 10,000 year old melted glacial ice in a bottle. Look out for this new product in March: “There is absolutely nothing on earth more important for keeping us alive than water. I truly believe glacial water is simply the best on this planet.” – Sylvester Stallone.

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  • Simon KaramMarch 1, 2013

    G'day My Name is Simon Karam and I am very excited to taste Sly water. I live in Australia and i don't think it's available down under. However I am traveling to Minnesota in July and I would like to Know were to look to find Sly water. Simon Karam Love your work Sly

  • Demetrio VieiraJanuary 10, 2012

    I can re-sell for you in my country!! Why not??? But were can I get few to do one test here? In Amazon? Any official site to send worldwide? Thank you! Any special about this product? Please, let me knows if is possible. Thanks ;)

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