Sly Moves

By Webmaster on September 28, 2004 / 1 min read

Muscle and Fitness magazine will feature a five page brochure for Instone in its Oct 2004 issue.

The piece advertises the Lean Fire product and includes Sylvester Stallone’s own ‘Nutrition Notebook.’ In the article, Stallone reveals the title of his forthcoming book, Sly Moves. Stay tuned for more news on that exciting project!

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  • Tim Antosy JrOctober 18, 2016

    Sly Moves is an awesome book It tells of Sly's story growing up and it depicts is passion for fitness and exercise and outlines the program he uses to lose weight and build strength i'ts a great read because it's about the "Rocky Factor"the spirit we all have inside and need to succeed in life

  • TedinDecember 17, 2015

    i will always be a arolnd fan ok he hase make a few misstakes but thats ok in exspandebels 1 he was cool and funny part 2 olso i cant wait for that one and i cnat wait for the last stand and all other that may come ARNOLD LIKE IN EXSPBLS 2 IM BACK

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