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Sly event raises $100,000 for charity

By Webmaster on February 25, 2012 / 1 min read

Sylvester Stallone visited Hamilton, Ontario recently to take part in a fundraiser at Carmen’s.

Stallone’s appearance at Carmen’s was his first fundraiser in Canada. People came from all over to see the film actor and movie idol in person. The event raised $100,000 for the Canadian Diabetes Association. This article from Hamilton’s local press has more information on the event.

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  • JAVINNO PURICELLIApril 18, 2012

    Charity has a way of “Bringing Things Back To The Remembrance”, of those of us who are more than Fortunate. Whereby Acknowledging the Fact that “NO MAN IS AN ISLAND” and that we all will be in need of Help, at some point in our Lives. So with that said, Sto cercando di darti una spinta! So Approval grants the Green Light to Open The Door, which provides You with a carefully laid out Blueprint Plan, which will set everything else in Motion. Picture IT, ma ancora, è la tua Decisione

  • Rense Sam GeorgeApril 13, 2012

    Yes,Its right that U R the Real hero not only for the people in LA but also the people living in major parts of the country.i am now happy to see U joining with Arnold. R u planning for another new pictures. Please return to Twitter! May God Bless U for this Faithful work Done by ROCKY BALBOE!

  • Brenda HillMarch 28, 2012

    I have been a BIG fan Sly, I even have a portrait tattooed on my chest, that way he will always be close to my heart and sleep with me. I think all of his movies are good

  • bella roseMarch 20, 2012

    A REAL HERO!!!!!!!!

  • Hisham BafakihMarch 16, 2012

    Fantastic :) I was there personally for all 3 nights and it was awesome getting to see my idol Sylvester Stallone 3 nights in a row. I couldn't have been any happier. Really enjoyed listening to what Mr. Stallone had to say and the moment he mentioned his upcoming projects, my excitement just went up to the sky. Was a total blast. Thank you Sly :)

  • SylviaMarch 3, 2012

    This, folks, is what makes a celebrity into a wonderful person. Using his success to raise money for charity, Sly is one talented, brave, inspirational and remarkable man. LOVE AND RESPECT ALWAYS SLY, ~Sylvi

  • Joseph laurinoMarch 1, 2012

    I met sly at this event,hes very relaxed,an cool.his security is not so much relaxed though.i got sponcerd from instone back 2006, i tried to show him my plaque ,but his security said no no move on.SLY if u ever read this i would still love to show u? I was wearing red shirt,black tie,glasses,and skully? So heres to hoping.thanks for the time?

  • JAVINNO PURICELLIMarch 1, 2012

    Now I know Mr. Stallone said that there would be no more “Rocky” pictures, and that in the last scene in the 2006 film Rocky waving, he believed that was an allegorical shot and showed the boxer never existed. But if You Look in the upper “LEFT HAND” corner of this web site……Just in front of Mr. Stallone’s name are ( 6 ) Red Dots surrounding ( 1 ) Sometimes things look different, depending on whose “Perspective” you see it from. Big Red Dot…..Count the DOTS…or rather Connect them and see what Number you come up with………All that I am trying to imply is this…. Sometimes to Complete a thing it has to come FULL CIRCLE…..and the Answer you are looking for can be starring you straight in the Face…..Rocky is indeed done boxing, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the show is over……Its March 1, 2012…and I do believe that one of the days in this month is “Lucky”….wink.

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