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Shooting has begun on The Expendables 2

By Webmaster on October 9, 2011 / 1 min read

Filming for the sequel to last year’s blockbusting action movie The Expendables, directed by Sylvester Stallone, is underway in Bulgaria, this time with even more star power added to the already impressive cast list.

With director Simon West helming the sequel, The Expendables 2 sees the return of the original’s iconic action stars but has added an exciting new crop of names including established stars like Jean-Claude Van Damme and Chuck Norris and new talents such as Scott Adkins, and Liam Hemsworth.

Expendables cast

The new stars will be joining the stellar line-up that already includes Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Dolph Lundgren, Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jet Li, Randy Couture, Terry Crews, and other illustrious action names. Excited about another dose of Expendables action? Let us know all about it in the comments below.

Photo credit: the photograph on the front page of this story was tweeted by Arnold Schwarzenegger on 11/10/2011 at 16:25 with the message ‘back in action for The Expendables 2! I’m having a fantastic time on set with Bruce and Sly in Bulgaria.’

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  • HelloaApril 15, 2014

    Jason Sthatham Liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiindo

  • mesud qaradagliJuly 12, 2012

    I like jason statham and scott adkins

  • Noor-ul HussainDecember 31, 2011

    Dear Sylvester, You look handsome as ever. Why is that lady next to you showing so much leg. Mind you she's not really. Maybe its her money thats showing. Well anyway I bet shes shown too much in her time. regards Noor-ul

  • JetherNovember 13, 2011

    I can't wait anymore The Expendables 2! When is the worldwide release? I even watch The expendables 1 so many times hahahahaha! I really love this movie and I look forward the next is much better! Keep it up Sly and the rest of the cast! More power to you :)

  • John CareyNovember 12, 2011

    Good shit! Hope more bad guys get blown in half. Nice one Sly. By the way do you still support Everton Football Club?

  • Jesse CassellNovember 11, 2011

    HEY ALL, Stallone would be perfect for this Role "SUPERMAN BEYOND" LETS MAKE THE MOVIE haa

  • sam cabaisNovember 10, 2011

    mr.stallone is a very good actor, director, writer.he's my idol.just keep up sly!...

  • Ahmad alghanmiNovember 9, 2011

    Stallone you are no1 your movies great

  • A. RamirezNovember 8, 2011

    Woohoo, awesome, can't wait!!!

  • A. RamirezNovember 8, 2011

    Woohoo, awesome...can't wait!!!

  • johnNovember 8, 2011


  • johnNovember 8, 2011


  • Eric DNovember 8, 2011

    dat is de persoon die mij het meest van men stoel krijgt en vooral als hij in zijn films kwaad word dan is hij voor mij ontsettent goed goed goed doe zo verder jij bent mijn idool.

  • jacgueline yiNovember 7, 2011

    hola soy jackie yi me gustarias saber si sabes hablar espanol y estoy muy attentas a esta nuevas peliculas gue guiero gue salga ya para yo verla espero gue sigas asi haciendos tus peliculas veras gue si sigues asi tendras mas gentes gue te admiras y se vuelven locas por tus peliculas y por los menos te vemos por el cine y sigues con tus boxeos gue te ves lindo att.jackie yi bezos para ti

  • jacgueline yiNovember 7, 2011

    hola me gustarias verte de cerca soy una admiradora tuya vivo en jersey me gustas muchos tus peliculas gue son geniales tienes muchas accion estas muy interesantes soy dominica-china y en mi pais en santo domingo ven tus peliculas y a mi me encantas att. jackie yi

  • rafaelbenitezNovember 7, 2011

    estamos esperando con ganas las dos nuevas peliculas de stallone en 2011 un saludo desde España.

  • pharahNovember 6, 2011

    this is fantastic film and I can't wait to watching it but i would like to see stallone and vin diseil whit one film

  • Billy AllmonNovember 6, 2011

    I cannot imagine a film like this with so many action heros! Who would NOT want to see this??? All the best to you and I wish you much success with your project! Cheers, Billy Allmon US Navy SEAL - retired

  • Omer Sheriff PatelNovember 4, 2011

    Greetings rom London, Sly! I'm looking forward to A BULLET TO THE HEAD and THE EXPENDABLES II - Man... WHERE DO YOU GET THE ENERGY! You put guys half your age to shame! You are a true inspiration. Thank You!

  • JPNovember 3, 2011

    Please consider Sasha Mitchell. He was awesome in the "Kickboxer" movies! And also someone like Shannon Lee(Bruce Lee's daughter).

  • NathanNovember 2, 2011

    I love all of your movies!! Last one was great, can't wait for a second serving!!!!

  • DerekNovember 2, 2011

    Awesome, cannot wait for Expendables 2, Kurt would be excellent, there was a great rappot in Tango & Cash, definately worth considering

  • MarkNovember 2, 2011

    Absolutely cant wait for this sequel. Sly your a ledgend!

  • Anan LashinNovember 1, 2011

    The would be Great Movie .Like Old Times . Good on Ya Sly .From The Land Down Under.

  • CrissyNovember 1, 2011

    Still Sooo Sexy Sly!

  • garethOctober 28, 2011

    can't wait for this film ,slyvester got a great eye for action.just needs to flush out the story abit, give some character abit better.

  • Peter NOctober 28, 2011

    Will Steve Austin return as "Paine" in the sequel?

  • Kevin DohnOctober 27, 2011

    I'm proud to say that Sly dropped my my father-in-law's eye hospital (Pashev: for some new glasses while he was shooting in Sofia. It certainly says something about the talent level of the doctors there :)

  • jamesOctober 26, 2011

    cannot wait to see it this movie gonna rock

  • P.SOctober 26, 2011

    make all four this team

  • P.SOctober 26, 2011

    i nedd this best team

  • ericOctober 26, 2011

    hi Guyz,awesome movie. i hope you'll consider shooting in africa sometime. can i suggest that some more hand to hand combat be expressed especially now that Chuck is joining the team. moreso Jet nd Jason didn't give us that much in the 1st. Great job, can't wait for the next. best wishes

  • AnnaOctober 26, 2011

    Sylvester Stallone is born to action movie , Congratulation! But for me Sly is the best actor !! I’d love seeing John Travolta, in movie The Expendables 2 Please add John Travolta, first of all, will there be no Travolta? ( that would make me sad, ) Kisses from Greece Anna

  • Byron PotterOctober 25, 2011

    I watched the 1st movie ' EXPENDABLES' twice. A great movie. I well plan to watch ' The Expendables II' twice, as well. This is a movie for GUY'S. Keep the movies coming.

  • patrick van den hurkOctober 25, 2011

    go sly your always be my favourit actor if i want to be someone than is it you go for it

  • Gerben RintjemaOctober 24, 2011

    Love it that JCVD is in ! Thanks a lot, good luck with the movie ! It will be Gold !!! JCVD-Fan

  • MartinOctober 24, 2011

    This is going to be beast!

  • bella roseOctober 23, 2011

    sly you are the greatest actor in the world!!!!

  • HishamOctober 23, 2011

    WE LOVE YA SLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY :) YOu are the best and I can't wait for HEADSHOT and THE EXPENDABLES II and everything after that :)

  • RonnyOctober 22, 2011

    Great! Please bring in Michael Dudikoff too!

  • HrishikeshOctober 22, 2011

    I hope they make a 3 hr long movie. Because with that much star power every actor should get a meaty role to his might!!! The Terminator, John Rambo, John McLane and Ivan Drago all in one film on one side is a dream come true. Thank you Sly for giving us such a great entertainment. WE LOVE YOU!!!

  • SergioOctober 21, 2011

    Estoy deseando ver a Sly en acción!!!!! Saludos desde España!!!!

  • JesseOctober 21, 2011

    Sly is the man, this is going to be great

  • SabataOctober 21, 2011

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  • abz1990October 20, 2011

    The Expendables 2 this is going to be a Box Office Hits no.1

  • SabataOctober 20, 2011

    Here is the link that the article has appeard allready today in the Bulgarian Newspaper which is called 24Chasa - 24Hour! So go to the google translater and you can it understand! Sly this is really TRUE STORY SABATA hope you read this! Some new Actor should get one Chance! Best Regards Sabata

  • junOctober 20, 2011

    nice movie at years in the phillipines gogogo idol!!

  • RasaOctober 19, 2011

    Great Stallone the EXp2 will be more action to watch with the cost of J.C.Vandamme and pleas put some photo from shooting Regards Rasa

  • sameh gharibOctober 19, 2011

    i`m sameh gharib from Egypt i Searched much much to i have Any contact sylvester stallone i want Invite sylvester stallone To visit my country Egypt & i hope you can help me in this or tell me about The right way to contact with sylvester stallone please the meeting with him it`s my dream and he have very very much fan here in Egypt this my facebook this my E-mail : [email protected] 002/01222305304 002/01006683630 this my two number i wait Your answer thank you very much

  • Alvin GumanganOctober 19, 2011

    Mabuhay! Youre the best action hero of all time! We love all your movies here. From: Manila, Philippines

  • LukeOctober 18, 2011

    Awesome list of action movie actors. The only 80's/90's action star missing is Kurt Russel. He should be in the movie considering his past roles in such movies like; Escape from L.A. Stargate Tango & Cash ( ***Has sly as well**) Big Trouble in Little China Escape from New York Please consider it.

  • mythOctober 18, 2011

    sly u r d best dis movi s gonna b d best action movi of all time. hoping to see donnie yen and van diesel.........

  • SuperbobrikOctober 17, 2011

    I just don't have words to describe as much I am happy. Please add Steven Seagal, you need Aikido master)

  • SabataOctober 16, 2011

    Hi Guys... just came all the way from Germany still in Sofia iam since Monday here in Bulgaria! Love it! Will get some small speaking role which i allready talked to Avi Lerner Nu Image office in Los Angeles! I just can say that it will be a great attention for this cause i made it whole the way left my work in Germany to get this promisse of these guys from Nu Image! Iam a Actor and former German and Mr. Natural Universe Fitness Athlet of the World and a Martial Arts Athlet as well known. Sly i deserved it and out some Media press that they allready wrote it in Germany and as well in Bulgaria Newspaper! 10 Years pursuing my career with the whole uo and downs!!! Ill put soon some picture on Facebook: Official Sabata or Sabata Ahmetovic Follow me on Twitter: Sabata Entertain Watch this for first: and Its a Great Time here in Bulgaria my first time ever! They shoot in Plovid know we are shooting in Sofia!!! Since i was 5 yeard old i saw this Movie Rambo 2 than i started to love those People! Everything is possible always nothing is impossible just remember this Guys! Love to hear from you! Lets Rock! Best Regards Your Sabata

  • trishOctober 16, 2011

    cant wait to see the expendables 2 sly your awsome

  • todd rodgersOctober 14, 2011

    awesome!! cant wait we need expendales3,4,5,6!!!!

  • Yanislav IlievOctober 14, 2011

    Hi from Plovdiv, Bulgaria. We are waiting the movie!!!

  • RichardOctober 14, 2011

    Hope Mick is in it. Stallone keeps getting better. Can't wait. Great great cast.

  • dan sorrentinoOctober 14, 2011

    The first one was great.It was awesome to see the old names in a new movie and i am looking forward to also Van Damage. Keep making awesome movies, Sly. Your the greatest. D

  • CanOctober 14, 2011


  • R SaravananOctober 14, 2011

    This is one of those movies where you won't get tired of watching as it has all those top names in hollywood and it just keeps getting better. Another brain child success for Sly......

  • BrandonOctober 13, 2011

    Can't Wait to see chuck and arnie back in action. On IMDB they have vin and the rock listed as rumored. Is there even a chance that they will be in this? I hope its true!

  • DanielOctober 13, 2011

    YES!!! i read it today about it.. i ONLY MISS Dwayne Johnson !!! he will be perfect match for the movie and the other guys. BUT thanks Sylverster for all you give us with The Expendables. I follow every news about until i hear you planned expendables.. hope for the extended cut of part one! Otherwise everything is perfect Sly..Respect for you hard work. Big Thanks to all the great actors & people who work about..i´m an expendable. Greetings from Germany

  • MishoOctober 13, 2011

    Hi, Sylvester , how much time will you stay in Bulgaria ???

  • saovickOctober 13, 2011

    Sly we want more explosive action this time... best of luck..!!!

  • nataliaOctober 13, 2011


  • StefanOctober 13, 2011

    Thats a great news! I can't await the new expendables! But at first I'll pay attention to the extended cut of part one :) greetings from germany

  • MichaelOctober 12, 2011

    Hi guys, that will be a BOOM MOVIE, something no one have never seen. please be fast, it's already so difficult to wait..

  • Tobias EldestenOctober 12, 2011


  • DiegoOctober 12, 2011

    Sly does not stop to think and create, is and will be an action star, he knows what people like, sly bravo !!!!!!!

  • DiegoOctober 12, 2011

    Sly no para de pensar y crear, es y será un actor de acción, sabe lo que a la gente le gusta, bravo por sly !!!!!!!

  • MichaelOctober 12, 2011

    We love you Sly in Canada! When are you coming out to Toronto??

  • Kursley CésarOctober 12, 2011

    Waiting eagerly to see the EXPENDABLES again. Hat's off to the team.

  • ChrisOctober 12, 2011


  • Vyacheslav FabiyanskiyOctober 12, 2011

    Наконец-то! Слай вперёд!!!

  • ТапкинOctober 12, 2011

    Потрясающе! Еще Боло Янга не хватает :))

  • Matt PowellOctober 11, 2011

    Can't wait for the movie to be released! Glad to see your in top shape Mr Stallone and that other stars such as JCVD also appear to have turned back the years, if the recent pictures of them are anything to go by! Still hoping for an ultimate fight scene (hand to hand) between Arnold and yourself, with some great throw away one liners (just like the arm wrestle between Arnold and Carl Weathers in Predator!). I see Jeff has been leaving a few messages (is that Mr Davies by any chance?) if it is Mr Davies he is showing dedication seeing he has just had a child! Good luck to you all and break a leg or arm/neck of a few of the bad guys for us fans!

  • Carole JensenOctober 11, 2011

    I'd love seeing Vin Diesel, he is so talented and would fit right in. How can you not have Mickey Rourke?? I'd like to see Dolph L. have a larger part, he's in fantastic shape and I always thought he was under-rated and could knock it out of the park. Love E1 and know you'll be great in E2 also.

  • JeffOctober 11, 2011

    Already have an idea for Expendables 3. Sly and Arnold join their respective teams to rescue their mentor...Clint Eastwood.

  • MikeOctober 11, 2011

    Hey Now!! This will be awesome. Would be cool to see Dwayne Johnson and Wesley Snipes in the new line up but regardless - looking forward to more Expendable firepower from Sly.

  • Mad DawgOctober 10, 2011

    This movie.. will be absolutely amazing, but i have a few questions, first of all, will there be no mickey?? :( that would make me sad, and secondly, will there be any Steven Seagel? or Kurt Russel? i think with those guys, and maybe Dwayne Johnson and Vin DIesel your cast would be the greatest on Earth!

  • Kelly HaggardOctober 10, 2011

    I was so ready for #2 5 minutes after the first one ended!!!!! CANT WAIT!!!

  • PSOctober 10, 2011

    I cant wait till this comes out!! It will be the best action movie EVER

  • Refugio Villegas IIIOctober 10, 2011

    I love the first movie and to hear that there will more action stars yet to appear in the next installment is brilliant!

  • Jannik Per JørgensenOctober 10, 2011

    Love sly:) your the greatest...

  • JeffOctober 10, 2011

    Good to hear Expendables 2 is filming. Hoping to see more of Arnold and Bruce, especially the former, in this movie. Would love to see Sylvester and Arnold expand on their roles as competitive but friendly mercenaries, as it could add a little more humor to the action. Just hope everyone is "pumping up" for their roles.

  • RikaOctober 10, 2011

    wooowwwww so great habat bangettt (bahasa indonesia)

  • EricOctober 10, 2011

    Wonderful casting, then obligation to do better than the first film. Mickey Rourke and Donnie Yen will be here or not ???

  • michaelOctober 10, 2011

    hey where is mickey ?????????

  • PLOOctober 10, 2011

    Amazing, Stallone shoots movies with only allstars lol :D

  • Bradane MurielOctober 9, 2011

    The waiting is going to be difficult!!!!! How powerful it is!!!!! Sly is the only man in this world who can do such a thing!! Such big names!!! But for me Sly is the greatest!! Good shooting Sly! Have fun for us! Sweet kisses from France. Muriel.

  • Garry AtkinsonOctober 9, 2011

    I cannot wait for the Expendables 2. Bring it on...........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Laura VillalonOctober 9, 2011

    Como siempre un luchador.... Besos... Laura

  • Dmitry VilarskyOctober 9, 2011

    Sly Go!....))))

  • franco lanaOctober 9, 2011

    Very beatiful!! Sly is born to run! Congratulation!

  • Анатолий БеляевOctober 9, 2011

    Этого события я ждал очень давно! А тут еще и Ван-Дамм и Чак Норрис!! С ума сойти!!!

  • AnatoliOctober 9, 2011

    Не может быть! Это же просто безумие!!! СУПЕР!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MOctober 9, 2011

    Agree with J, Awesome :)

  • AntonioOctober 9, 2011

    Fantastic!!! Go Sly!!! HELLO FROM ITALY!

  • JOctober 9, 2011

    This will be something awesome. Go Sly!

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