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Rocky “The Underdog” Action Figure

By Webmaster on December 5, 2023 / 1 min read

The ROCKY Legacy Collection presents: ROCKY “The Underdog” Ultimate Edition Sixth Scale Action Figure

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The Sly Stallone Shop has announced ROCKY “The Underdog” sixth scale action figure endorsed and approved by Sylvester Stallone and also endorsed by the iconic sneaker company Converse.

This meticulously crafted collectible captures the essence of Rocky Balboa, the underdog boxer who captured the hearts of millions. Standing at 12 inches tall, this action figure is a true representation of the Italian Stallion himself. What sets this figure apart is the attention to detail, first we have the sneakers Rocky is wearing are authentic Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars officially licensed by the iconic brand! The fabric beanie hat that adds a touch of authenticity to Rocky’s signature look.

Rocky action figure For the ultimate Rocky experience, consider the “Ultimate” version of this action figure. The Ultimate and Deluxe version comes complete with a magnetic diorama featuring the famous Philadelphia steps. Recreate the iconic training montage as Rocky ascends the steps, preparing for his shot at greatness.

Whether you’re a boxing enthusiast, a movie buff, or a dedicated collector, the Rocky Balboa 12-Inch Action Figure is a testament to the enduring legacy of one of cinema’s most beloved characters. Bring home the spirit of Rocky Balboa and relive the magic of the 1976 classic with this exceptional action figure. As an added bonus our boxes are designed by the official ROCKY artist John Rivoli.

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