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Rocky: The Musical

By Webmaster on December 5, 2011 / 1 min read

The new musical adaptation of Rocky was a the subject of a press event in Hamburg, Germany in late November.

Sylvester Stallone was on hand to promote the event and was joined by boxing brothers Vitali and Vladimir Klitschko at the Operettenhaus, where the November 2012 world premiere of the musical will be held prior to a Broadway run in 2013. The cast for the developmental lab featured Andy Karl as Rocky, Glenn Flesher as Paulie and Tricia Paoluccio as Adrian.

Sylvester StalloneThe Klitschko brothers are working with the producers on the boxing elements of the musical, but Stallone said he would also be taking a hands-on approach: “I’ve always thought Rocky had the right stuff for a musical and have wanted to do it for a long time,” said the actor.

Check out footage of Sly at the press conference and talking about the development of Rocky: The Musical:

Rocky  tells the rags-to-riches ‘American dream’ story of Rocky Balboa, a club fighter who gets a shot at the world heavyweight championship when the scheduled contender is injured. “I imagine I will be able to help the future star of the show to learn the body language of Rocky, and to develop a feeling for the character,” said Stallone. “Boxers are always tense, always moving around, and each one has his own characteristics.”

The team behind the musical

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  • CherylSeptember 21, 2016

    When might Rocky the musical be made into a movie? I saw it on Broadway and LOVED it!!!

  • BillyNovember 17, 2012

    I Have the Original Broadway cast are Aaron Tveit as Rocky and Nikki Bohne as Adrian.

  • Georgios PatsosNovember 15, 2012

    Living in Germany, I wish i could come to the premiere in Hamburg. Wish you all the best for the musical.

  • AdrianSeptember 10, 2012

    I love the Rocky movies, especially the first and the last, which go straight to the heart. I so wish my late brother was alive to hear this news, as it was he who first introduced me to the Rocky. I wish everyone associated with ROCKY THE MUSICAL the very best! I am sure the show will go straight to the theatre-going public's hearts.

  • Rick BradyJuly 17, 2012

    I think this is a gutsy move. After watching the short video I am now curious as to how it will play out. The only thing that would make it better is if I could be in Germany for the openning. I have seen every 'Rocky' film on its opening night and this would definately continue the streak! Good luck, and God Bless! Rick Brady Atlanta, GA

  • spiros chelseafcfanMay 1, 2012

    please make rocky 7

  • Fathi AliFebruary 11, 2012

    I just want to say somthing about me' i was very heavey smoker and since i was 20 now i'm 30' i used to hear some old songs from diffrent peopel ans smoking at the same time but since i heard EYE OF THE TIGHER I QUITE at that time and i start to run and workout in gum; you may not belive but this MR rocky was like a propht to some peopel to correct their life

  • KathyinCTFebruary 3, 2012

    I am confused, wondering is it all of the first movie or is it intertwining all movies. Eye of the Tiger is in it, so it got me wondering!

  • Amanda Dorman-BumgarnerFebruary 3, 2012

    Hello there all you "Rocky" fans. I Just wanted to make a quick comment regarding the Rocky Musical. I think doing this is AWESOME!! I am 31 years old, who believe it or not have been watching the Rocky movies since I was about 7 ( which would make it 1987)and let me tell you, these are the only movies with sequels that i know EVERYWORD TOO. I mean all 5. My husband get so annoyed with me becasue when my Rocky movies come on...he knows he will not hear a thing over my script, I KNOW, I KNOW...This may sound odd and all because I was so young when I started out with the Rocky series BUT I just couldnt resist. When my dad would take me to the video store (yes...VHS back and I would rent all 5 of them in one night. My friends would say to me " why do u watch those guy movies all the time" and to be honest, I wasnt 2 sure either. Didnt know if it was the actor( yes you Italian Stallion) or just the main story line its self. These movies just draw u in. Anyways back to this amazing musical. where exactly will it/they perform? are they going to have casting for this? reason to ask is because my daughter Madison would love to try out. Since this is a musical this would be a piece of cake for her cause she is a unbelievabe, amazing hardworking singer & actor. Again plz let us know if there is any info regarding this.If u have any questions from me...plz feel free to write back. Thanks and again excellent job with this musical...BEST IDEA FOR A MUSICAL IN A WHILE!!

  • ChloeJanuary 19, 2012

    Is it coming to Australia and if so when.

  • Diogo CamposJanuary 14, 2012

    Hello. I was just googling Mr.Stallone's Twitter because I just wanted to leave a message. I'm 28, almost 29, and today (saturday) I'm making a Rocky "marathon" with my wife, since it's rainy and cold out there to go out. I grew up and hell I've learned a lot with Mr.Stallone and Mr.Van Damme, both fists and legs with each one respectively. But Rocky, some people think "it's just a boxing movie, screw it", but it's not "just like that", Rocky movies are actually a life lesson, about fighting for survival when you have nothing in life, about having a heart in a world where everyone else only cares about money and hell, even about loss, love and family values, from 1 to 6, Rocky movies are a great inspiration and still give me courage when I need it the most. Thank you Mr.Stallone for all of this, I know you probably will never even read this but I just wanted to say thank you, and honestly, screw those critics that said you were a bad actor after that Spy Kids movie, I guess you proved them all wrong with Rocky Balboa, John Rambo and now with the Expendables saga, you're not just a great actor, you're also a great writer and director. Regards from Portugal, Diogo Campos PS: And a Rocky Musical? Not to mention that I loved Bill Conti's OST, Robbert Tepper, Survivor, everything, so it can only turn out to be another major project, I hope it comes to Portugal soon enough.

  • Demetrio VieiraJanuary 10, 2012


  • BruceDecember 31, 2011

    great Stallone tribute song!!!!!

  • Mariano AudisioDecember 24, 2011


  • marcusDecember 24, 2011

    alright mate iam marcus i want to meet you

  • ana juliaDecember 22, 2011

    nem sei o que falar sylvester stallone e lindo e tudo que eu nao tenho coragen de fazer penso nele e consigo sou louca doente por ele

  • Leonel DíazDecember 14, 2011

    En la industria del cine hay actores e hitos fundamentales que dejan una huella indeleble en cada categoría de película, así como Steve Reeves en las clásicas: Hércules encadenado, Goliat, Los últimos días de Pompeya; Sylvester con Rocky ha marcado varias generaciones con éste film. Sin duda, un tributo a la resistencia del ser humano por sobrevivir y luchar por una vida mejor. Congratulations, Sly! Long life and health for you!

  • Lauren D'OnofrioDecember 14, 2011

    My comment is is that I'm 47 years old and I grew up with the Rocky movies and just about everything else he did. I'm from Boston Mass and no matter what Stallone does is for the greater good. I really don't care what critics say or whatever. I have not seen this musical but that's why they call it a musical. Nobody is going to measure up to the movie but people should give him the respect he deserves. I love him and one day out of the blue, I sure would love to meet him. I don't care if He 80 years old. I just want to die knowing I met him.

  • Edward Suarez VelezDecember 12, 2011

    Yo Naci en 1976 mas exactamente 10/10 año de una de las peliculas predilectas mias y para mi es un honor haber nacido en ese año ya que ha sido unas de la peliculas mas taquillleras de la historia Rocky, mi madre fua a verla y vio las filas interminables, Silvester eres el mejor.

  • Changes In LongitudeDecember 6, 2011

    Hope the US premiere is in Philadelphia.

  • MariaDecember 6, 2011

    Personalmente penso che non sia una buona idea. Amo ROCKY così comè. Non mi piace vederlo sottoforma di musical e con un attore che non sia SYLVESTER STALLONE.

  • Jesse CassellDecember 5, 2011

    Boardway run? I hope so, lets do this in New York, I think the guy should sound like Stallone too.

  • Georgios PatsosDecember 5, 2011

    Does this mean, that Sly is here in Germany now? For how long? Couldn't you anounce that earlier? I will try to see him!

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