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By Webmaster on July 30, 2005 / 1 min read

In case you missed it, there are some fabulous new products available from Sly’s Instone range.

Pre-Workout Intensity! keeps your body primed with all the essential aminos and energy components you need to stay focused and energized both in and out of the gym.

Post-Workout Intensity! provides your body with essential components that allow you to recuperate faster from grueling workouts, so you can train that much harder the following day.

Because INSTONE is committed to bringing you the best that nutritional science has to offer, they have compiled research and information indicating that Pre-Workout Intensity! is truly best in class.

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  • AllisonJune 17, 2011

    I love the products and I'm haveing a hard time finding them. Please help!

  • ECONOMAKIS MICHAELDecember 26, 2010

    As a great admirer of all Sly's movies (including the artistic ones as: "The Hawk"), the whole inspiration to many athletes, e.t.c., I have just to mention that in Greece, either Athens or Pireaus, "Instone"-nutrition formula doesn't exists, around the last 2,5-3 years. I believe in "Instone", as a whey product. Sly...isn't a "fake person" neither as "action actor" of course! His success is based on "his own innermost-intrinsic truth"!, courage..., enough intelligence, pioneer creativity, talent & passion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, mainly, except the looks. The actor is like the businessman (or even the "critic philosopher/thinker"). Being born to! Yes, Plato-ancient Greek philosopher was at: 100% right. Body, mind, (and soul) in an harmony. "Contemporary artificial societies, & more..."! What a...harmony! You see my friend Sly...., ...during the first years of 80's, the genius rock group of "Pink Floyd" (-Roger Waters/160 i.q.-), circulated the album: "The Division Bell",...or "better" clarifying: by the evenmore (and No1 genius group of history) "Visage": and it's unique song, ~ 1981 (if I remember correctly), "(We are) Fade to Grey". So...lets breathe...Jean Michel Jarre's (155-i.q.): "Oxygene"!, in (his also) "Equinoxe".

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