John Rambo is back

By Webmaster on May 20, 2007 / 1 min read

John Rambo is back!

A teaser trailer is currently causing a huge buzz across the net! What are your thoughts on Rambo returning to the screen? Drop us an email and the most interesting comments will go to Sly.

Congratulations to Steve Galea who won the signed Rocky artwork – he tells us his whole family is thrilled! Look out for more great competitions soon!

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  • Alexis KinseyJanuary 28, 2014

    Omg SylvesterGardenzioStallone is JohnRambo he is the cutest soldier fighter Ever in the world. I can't believe that JohnRambo came back again it is to cool. O.k. I'm SylvesterStallone's big fan ever. I really love to see JohnRambo over and over again I can't help it. O.k. I really think that SylvesterGardenzioStallone is the cutest and good-looking moive actor ever in the world. O.k. from his big fan Alexis Kinsey.