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Jean Claude Van Damme rumored for Expendables 2

By Webmaster on May 8, 2011 / 1 min read

Movie rumor website Den of Geek have posted some exciting news stemming from an interview with Jean Claude Van Damme’s regular collaborator, Sheldon Lettich.

In conversation, Lettich confirmed that JCVD would appear in The Expendables 2. His actual words were: “He said he’s going to be in The Expendables 2, playing a villain.”

Only time will tell. Stay tuned for the latest on casting news for The Expendables 2 and let us know your thoughts on Jean Claude and The Expendables in the comments below.

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  • BrandonSeptember 3, 2011

    I hope Van Damme becomes a reality for the sequal. I would love to see a fight scene between Van Damme and Chuck Norris.

  • Paco M.O.August 13, 2011

    Yeah, I think Van Damme must be a good guy with Stallone... but well, I just hope to see a major role in this movie, would be great!

  • Richard HellenbortJuly 25, 2011

    If Jean-Claude a good actor, he dont care, if he need play the bad guy in the movie! I think, he show too us, the real actor if he a badguy in the expendable 2! If, he already play like a good guy, this is already a simple movie by him! Im a fan, also two of them, and i know, a lots a movie fans like Van Dammein East Europe to! Still! So, go a head and give to us some bad ass movie,already!

  • leeJuly 16, 2011

    jcvd as a villian is perfect for him. He played a bad guy twin in "double impact" with gusto, watch it again and you will be convinced he will be believable for this film. He starred in, no retreat and no surrender and black eagle,until death, as a villian. This movie, action wise, with him in it, will be amazin and he really needs a major movie release,to get him back in mainstream feature films. Ive seen all his movies. he has made some crap over the years and with his personal struggles aside AKA jcvd-great movie, he can repair his image with expendables 2 to show people he still has the appeal all fans of his growing up with him know what I mean. PLayin a villian for most, will be a stretch for him,dont count him out until he fails. he is one of the most iconic figures of our time. Success of movie will be based on if he pulls this off and I truley believe he will steal the movie from the other stars. I think he will rise to the challenge and prove us all wrong that we should never have under estimated him. WELCOME BACK JEAN CLAUDE VAN DAMME...........we missed you

  • Daniel FloresJuly 2, 2011

    JCVD can't be a villain!!! he and Sly have to fight together against the bad guys!! Please JCVD as one of the good guys.

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