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Grudge Match trailer arrives

By Webmaster on September 15, 2013 / 1 min read

The first trailer for Stallone’s forthcoming movie Grudge Match has arrived online.

The film, which stars Sylvester Stallone, Robert De Niro, Kim Basinger, Kevin Hart and Alan Arkin, tells the story of two retired boxers, Billy “The Kid” McDonnen (De Niro) and Henry “Razor” Sharp (Stallone), who traded victories without ever having a deciding final match. When boxing promoter Dante (Kevin Hart) spots an opportunity to reunite the bitter old rivals, it’s finally time to settle their thirty year old grudge. Take a look at the trailer to find out more!

Directed by Peter Segal, Grudge Match is due for release this holiday season on December 25th, 2013.

Excited by the trailer? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • kellyDecember 11, 2013

    I would never miss anything that you are in!!!! you are and will always be my favorite actor ever! You don't always have to destroy everyone and everything in your path not right away anyway.(the good guy always wins right?) you are as sweet and humble on screen as you are off screen. there is no words to ever say enough good about you. just thank you for not being someone we admire on screen and then a douche in real life like soooo many . i'm not one to be star struck but your a good guy make any movie you want about anything you want the world is yours! Don't worry about that one person who names himself as a critic because you have thousands of people who agree with me who know you will always be a genius in your field and always leaving us!wanting more! you one of a kind!

  • sammyNovember 21, 2013

    I am your biggest fan! Believe me. I am really baffled your movie, "Bullet to the head" did not get its deserved recognition but i really enjoyed it. Now let me give you a suggestion Sly, and i am serious. I really think you do a movie well when you have less dialogue. You were great in Bullet to the head but the movie goers were already expecting what they have been used to about you based from movies where you made so much unnecessary dialogues.. Please review the sucess of Rocky and Rambo because it justifies my case. I am not saying you can not deliver lines.. Yes you can. But fact of the matter is, your facial appearance is so INTENSE that the audience simply anticipates what you will do and not what you will say.. and that's how you captivated me with Rambo and Rocky. In Rocky you had dialogues but they seemed to be reflect the survival loneliness, innocence and kindness of a character amid his brutal capablities in HIS OWN UNIQUE WORLD. Please make movies of this sort and you will win your best deserved OSCAR. You are a great actor. Just find that thing that made you capture the imagination of the audience.

  • Hrishikesh DesaiOctober 25, 2013

    Its the Raging Bull vs The Italian Stallion!

  • Richard HarrisOctober 23, 2013

    Finally stallone and deniro in the ring the bull vs the stallion OMG this Movie is really a knockout!

  • PradeeOctober 22, 2013

    I love u both (Stallone & De Niro), can't wait to watch it. The trailer is awesome...

  • Debra QuattrucciOctober 15, 2013

    This is officially my 1st EVER fan letter. You have always been one of my 'favorites' within the entertainment world. I love your movies, the characters you have created & from watching different interviews, I love your personality. But you have done something recently that has just solidified your place in my heart. I thought when you put Arnold S. in "Expendables" it was a sure sign of loyalty & generosity. But I've recently read that you have Mel Gibson in "Ex 3" & my heart swelled. I'm sure that no one in the industry wants to go near the 2 of them due to the controversy in their 'personal lives'. As a fan, what they do in their private lives is none of my business, my only concern is whether or not they give me good entertainment; & they always have. Putting them in a successful movie franchise is risky & commendable on your part. Good for you!! Your a real friend & a fine human being. I know neither of them need the money but helping these 2 men to continue doing what they love to do is something you should be praised for. I admire & respect you very much & may you & yours have good fortune, good health & happiness ALWAYS!! I hope to someday have the privilege to work with you; yes, I'm a film maker wannabe. I look forward to seeing any film that has your name attached to it!! Your character in "Bullet To The Head" is my absolute favorite!! I Love You Sylvester. Keep doing what you do!!!! Always a fan, Deb Q

  • Fa_ImasOctober 13, 2013

    De Niro (the 'ultimate' man) and Stallone (the 'perenial' fighter) star together in a movie presentation depicting the animosity between two life-long boxing enemies. Challenged publicly to fight on the canvas in their old age, instead of refusing due to old age or health reasons, they embrace the opportunity to declare a winner before death prevents this inevitable confrontation. Excitement builds as we witness snapshots of their 'real life' training schedule. Will blood be shed? A victor declared? Peace treaty signed? See the movie for the spectacular finish!

  • brian kefferOctober 13, 2013

    did not think they could pull it off could be wrong but trailer is funny

  • brian kefferOctober 13, 2013

    thought it was gonna be crap but it looks entertaining thanks to sly and bobby

  • JamieOctober 13, 2013

    Yes! Way to go! I laughed so much in two minutes that I might not make the full 12 rounds! We got to have this movie soon!!! So glad that after the fantastic COPLAND you guys got back for more!

  • Sven BarbieeOctober 12, 2013

    You are the best Sly !!!!!!

  • Eddy NiceOctober 9, 2013

    Escape Plan hits theaters on Oct. 18

  • MichaelOctober 8, 2013

    As a 59 year old guy from NY I have always been a fan and look foward to cheking it out and what ever you play in good or not, if you evere need an espiring actor give me a call ,had to mention thar t(long Shot!).God bless and thanks for all the Great films!! Mike 702-587-7931

  • Eddy NiceOctober 7, 2013

    Amazing!! I love it!!

  • marijkeOctober 3, 2013

    deze film lijkt super hopelijk komt hij snel uit in België :)

  • totuSeptember 28, 2013

    hey Sly! You're Rocky, so come back!!!

  • RAFA BENITEZSeptember 27, 2013

    STALLONE FOREVER........................

  • RAFA BENITEZSeptember 27, 2013

    stallone forever ......................

  • kabiruSeptember 27, 2013

    sly has always been my favourite actor. keep it up. good luck.

  • Mitch JohnsonSeptember 26, 2013

    LOL. So the king of the sequels is at it again. Although this isn't another "Rocky", it does look great. I am a fan and have been for several years. Looking forward to catching this one and REALLY looking forward to the release of "Escape Plan".I'd like to see something posted here about your recent decision (according to reports) to become a Christian. God bless you Sly !! Sincerely, Mitch

  • Jessica LewisSeptember 25, 2013

    Wow! I am so excited for this!

  • BekSeptember 24, 2013


  • eddie masonSeptember 22, 2013


  • Louis GarciaSeptember 21, 2013

    I love sly since 1976 have all is great movies on all formats I will continue my loyal support until there is no truly help me with lots of my personal demons through out my life.god bless you & make many more wonderful films thanks for all.

  • Patrick.FSeptember 19, 2013

    Dear Sirs, I can't wait to see these movies (Escape Plan, The Grudge Match). The Grudge Match looks like a more introspective movie of Rocky Balboa but with funny stuff and replicas, and sentences. Sly is not doing a parody, but a comedy, and the difference is enormous, and here in France, it will be released on January, 15th, 2014: 7 years exactly after the release of "Rocky Balboa", same day!!!. For having met him 4 times in Paris, I don't know, if there will be a World Premiere at this time, but I look forward to see it: De Niro Vs Stallone, what's is gonna be, as Sly is more stronger than De Niro and in very well condition, so who will win, is this the fight of the Century???!: WHO KNOWS EXACTLY?!. Yours Faithfully. Mr Patrick.F P.S: Why is there not any tribute to Tommy Morrisson, who has passed away recently, unfortunately?!. Tommy was a good guy in Rocky V, and not the bas one after all. May he Rest in Peace and all my Condolences to his Family. Chelles (77 district of Paris).

  • AnthonySeptember 18, 2013

    I cant wait till all 3 of your New Movies come out im always the 1st person in the theater here in my city!!! Sly fan for life! Super excited for 3 New Films from my Fav Actor and my Idol...

  • Georgios PatsosSeptember 18, 2013

    Cant wait to see the film. Thank you for making this film happen. Love your work and your humor. Greetings George

  • Rocky_fanSeptember 18, 2013

    Legendary!! Always imagine greatest boxer on screen come together

  • RykSeptember 16, 2013

    Love it, What a great way to put Stallone back in the ring. Sly always had a great comedy side to him. Robert and Sly should shine in this movie. Great to see faces like LL Cool J and Kevin Hart to round out the film.

  • NAVED KHAN ALIAS KINGSeptember 16, 2013


  • JackieSeptember 16, 2013

    This looks both amazing and hilarious! I can't wait!!!!!!

  • AlexSeptember 15, 2013

    HaHa This movie looks great!! 2 amazing actors and Kevin Hart...can't wait till Christmas...and of course Escape Plan!! Movie season can't get any better!!Well Rambo 5 would top off everything...come on Sly, after EX3, you gotta do it!!

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