First Blood complete score released

By Webmaster on December 2, 2010 / 1 min read

First Blood CDLegendary soundtrack label Intrada has announced the 2-CD world premiere of the complete Jerry Goldsmith score for First Blood, the Ted Kotcheff action movie in which Sylvester Stallone first introduced his iconic Rambo character to moviegoers.

The score is complete and presented from the original multi-track masters for the first time thanks to the discovery of actual pristine condition 1/2″ three-track stereo session elements made in London. Intrada presents entire score in sequence.

But there’s more! Goldsmith recorded three different endings so that the producers could decide how to score the closing credits. The multi-track masters revealed a rare pop orchestral arrangement by Arthur Morton, conducted by Goldsmith with the full National Philharmonic playing the famous theme!

And there’s still more! The entire original 1982 album appears on CD 2, completely remastered from the multi-tracks. Still more extras include an equally rare demo version of the theme made by the composer and lyricist Hal Shaper plus a stereo presentation of the Carolco logo, composed by Goldsmith. Notes by Douglass Fake offer a brief journey down memory lane with emphasis on Goldsmith and the importance of this particular score to the label’s history.

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Track listing

CD 1 – Complete Original Soundtrack

01. Theme From First Blood [Pop Orchestra Version] 4:07 Hear This Track
02. Home Coming 2:21 Hear This Track
03. My Town 0:59
04. Under Arrest 0:45
05. The Razor 2:37 Hear This Track
06. A Head Start 1:03
07. Hanging On 2:02
08. Over The Cliff 1:26
09. A Stitch In Time 0:57
10. Mountain Hunt 4:52
11. No Truce 0:39
12. First Blood 4:45 Hear This Track
13. The Tunnel 3:25
14. Escape Route 2:36
15. The Truck 1:00
16. No Power/Night Attack 2:50 Hear This Track
17. Hide And Seek 0:57
18. It’s A Long Road (Instrumental) 3:22 Hear This Track
19. It’s A Long Road (Theme From first Blood) Vocal: Dan Hill 3:19

CD 1 Total Time: 45:14

CD 2 – Original 1982 Soundtrack Album

01. It’s A Long Road (Theme From First Blood) Vocal: Dan Hill 3:19
02. Escape Route 2:36 Hear This Track
03. First Blood 4:35
04. The Tunnel 4:00
05. Hanging On 3:26
06. Home Coming 2:20
07. Mountain Hunt 6:01 Hear This Track
08. My Town 1:55
09. The Razor 3:05
10. Over The Cliff 2:05 Hear This Track
11. It’s A Long Road (Instrumental) 2:51

Total Original Album Time: 37:00

The Extras

12. It’s A Long Road [Recording Session Piano/Vocal Demo] 3:18
13. Carolco Logo 0:19
14. Rambo [Special Summer 1984 Trailer] 1:15 Hear This Track

Total Extras Time: 4:57

CD 2 Total Time: 42:05

Are you pleased to see this classic music finally available in all its glory? Are you a fan of First Blood? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • MariaSeptember 9, 2014

    your are real seal!

  • KevinJuly 2, 2011

    I'm a HUGE fan of First Blood and John Rambo. I bought the first edition of the First Blood soundtrack. I will consider getting this version, too.

  • JUAN CARLOSJanuary 16, 2011

    Excelente Banda Sonora de First Blood. mi moto la tengo marcada con It`s a Long Road y Sly es mi inspiracion para superarme en el diario luchar de la Vida.Than you..!!!Sylvester,,,!!!

  • WebmasterDecember 19, 2010

    I received this recently. It's a terrific release. Everything you could ever want from the score is presented in perfect sound. Well done to Intrada. It will make for a great Xmas present for Stallone fans.

  • Futbol gratisDecember 8, 2010

    muy buen sitio, desde luego¡¡

  • WebmasterDecember 4, 2010

    I've ordered this. I can't wait to hear it!

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