Creed II official trailer

By Webmaster on June 20, 2018 / 1 min read

The first trailer for Creed II has arrived. Let us know what you think!

Creed II hits theatres on November 21.

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  • Chucky BabieSeptember 26, 2018

    Awesome Sir Stallone...just plain ole' AWESOME !

  • AnthonyAugust 2, 2018

    Look great so far!! Can't wait!!

  • Tommi ValkokariJuly 27, 2018

    Like I said a year before, now we are having a full blown story about fathers and sons! This is going to be great!

  • Mario BigosJuly 14, 2018

    Hallo I Love Rocky but Creed is not same.But i will see this Movie.From Germany best of Luck.

  • FredJuly 10, 2018

    Where is Drago Lungreen in this first teaser ? Missing !

  • Georgios PatsosJuly 8, 2018

    Awsome, to see Rocky again on screen! But, please go back to old traditions like this trailer of Rocky IV (1985, Monologue Drago):

  • GiédelmannJune 28, 2018

    Bonjour, Merci Sylvester pour tous les Rocky, ainsi que tous les Rambo. Depuis des années je regarde tes films, et je ne m'en lasse pas !!! Que j'aimerais te rencontrer au moins 1 fois dans ma vie Sylvester, pour te remercier et parler avec toi. A un jour peut-être.

  • Wallace S.June 26, 2018

    Oh it is on!!! the trailer alone says it all. The Rocky saga continues and only gets better. This is going to be awesome. I can't wait.

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