Get Carter soundtrack

By Webmaster on September 23, 2000 / 1 min read

The Get Carter soundtrack will be available Oct. 3rd!

It lists for $16.98 but you can purchase it for $14.99.

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  • Dannell McNeil a.k.a. Risky Lover (my music name)March 3, 2013

    FOUR CHALLENGES FOR SLY: Mr. Sly Stallone,from your 1st Rocky to Rocky Balboa, you have been my personal hope in my day to day fight to survive & inspiration why? Because you always show belief in yourself both in and out of character, and you have never turned your back on GOD & your belief in him, it shows, and are truley blessed! God made you special, your talents & your gifts worldwide are tremendous and appreciated, because it has given them hope! Sly sir, I have'nt seen your newest pic yet "Bullet to the Head" but, trust me, I will soon, very soon, as for me-I've got four challenges for you: 1• Produce & act in another more advanced Bad ASS "COBRA"!!Movie!! 2•Get Carter, has to come back harder than ever!! Maybe, against the mob? Just an idea. 3• "John Rambo" has one last mission, save,retrieve our current President, and stop WWIII. 4• For you to check my name (Dannell McNeil) in your Google,Yahoo, etc. Search box, Check out the Risky Lover re-mix music video, on YOUTUBE, and songs, etc. Then cast me in one or more of these movies above mentioned, wither as a co-actor, or an extra with a speaking role / parts. This is just a friendly challange (from a struggling independent) / dare from your #1 inspired fan! I know your very busy, so I won't hold my breath to get your reply sir...but, in the mean time...soon, I will be holding one of your tickets to your new movie "Bullet to the HEAD"!! Even though, I hate putting my hand in my pocket, and only feeling my leg! Except my friendly Challenge. Thanks, Dannell

  • zoeApril 14, 2011

    Siy you are so freaking talented!!!It's like you can do everything!love you...

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