Get Carter is the 2000 remake of the 1971 crime film of the same name, starring Sylvester Stallone in the title role. The film also features Miranda Richardson, Rachel Leigh Cook, Alan Cumming, Mickey Rourke, and Rhona Mitra. Michael Caine, who starred in the original, plays a supporting role. The film was released by Warner Bros., which had recently acquired the rights to the original.

Mob enforcer Jack Carter (Stallone) returns home to Seattle when he hears that his brother, Ritchie, has been killed in a drunk driving accident. He tries to make amends with Ritchie’s wife, Gloria (Richardson), and his niece Doreen (Cook), and investigates Ritchie’s death after he realizes Ritchie was murdered. While he starts snooping around, his mob partner in Las Vegas, Con McCarty (John C. McGinley), covers for him with the mob boss, Fletcher (Garwin Sanford). A secondary plot revolves around an affair Carter was having with Fletcher’s girlfriend, Audrey (Gretchen Mol).

His first stop in his investigation is with loan shark Cliff Brumby (Caine), the owner of the club that Ritchie managed. Brumby does not believe Jack’s allegations of murder, but does tell him that Ritchie was having an affair with Geraldine (Mitra), an associate of local boss Cyrus Paice (Rourke).

Jack cannot get anything from Paice, who unknowingly leads him to Jeremy Kinnear (Cumming), a wealthy computer mogul who uses Paice’s prostitution services, as well as Eddie (Johnny Strong), one of the club’s bouncers. Although he cannot get any straight answers, Jack continues to pursue the truth, carefully examining the surveillance tapes from Brumby’s club, looking for any sort of clue.

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